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United Airlines reviews, United Airlines complaints, read United Airlines reviews, find United Airlines reviews, United Airlines scam reports
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  • 316 complaints
  • $139,569 claimed losses
  • $442 average
  • 13229 since Dec 12, 2007

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United Airlines
Main address: PO Box 66100 60666 Chicago IL
1-800-421-4655, 877) 228-1327 (toll-free) or , (877) 406-1059 (toll-free) or (847) 700-2214, http://faq.ua2go.com/display/4n/kb/atr/index.aspx?tab=atr&r=0.5782381
United Airlines reviews, United Airlines complaints, read United Airlines reviews, find United Airlines reviews, United Airlines scam reports
  • 316 complaints
  • $139,569 claimed losses
  • $442 average
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  • Apr 13
  • Satellite Beach, Florida
  • Rude Employees
  • 5
  • 15

Flying out of dtw and my fight changes to united airlines. (They are merging) ok fine ...never used thier kiosk was completely lost. An employee from us airways tried to help but since it was a united kiosk he was lost too. So he sent me to united counter to check in. This lady insisted I use kiosk when I explained I tried and was a bit confused (430 in morning to boot) her reply "its not... Read more

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  • Apr 03
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • United Plus Explorer
  • 15

My husband Sean and I had a lot of problems flying with United Airlines in the past but, before canceling our United Plus Explorer credit card and never flying with United again, we decided to give them one more chance on our last London to Las Vegas trip. BIG MISTAKE. Though the first issue wasn't with United, our problems started early on when we boarded the airport express subway to terminal 1... Read more

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  • Apr 02
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Ticket Booking
  • 7
  • 46

1. On the 21st August 2013, I submitted the below complaint to United Airlines. I sent two copies by postal mail and left a voice mail on the Post-travel feedback line (as a phone number for complaint does not exist). I also used the United website feedback page and submitted a third copy online. The complaint addresses I used (and had to dig deep for) were... Customer Care United Airlines, Inc.... Read more

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  • Mar 20
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Flight Service
  • 10

Never Ever travel with United Airlines going from Newark to Mumbai, Their cabin crew staff are such as rude people, From the beginning this staff looks already tired, they hate with work, and they dont even care, You don't get service which you paid for. During my flight, I ask Cabin crew to issue me 2 sugar packs with tea, She refused me said we dont have many, when i ask twice she threw... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Newark, Nj
  • Award Accelerator
  • 12

EWR (NJ) direct to POS (Trinidad). The United Club was unfortunate and so was the outdated 737-800 (UA1505) that took us to our Christmas vacation. Save your money folks, and fly coach. This class of service is not worth the extra cost. I would say the worst part about flying United is the unenthusiastic and unhelpful service. No big surprise to anyone who flies United regularly. In conjunction... Read more

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  • Feb 24
  • Return Flight Tickets
  • 8

Already submitted one complaint on January 14, 2014 and still have NOT heard a word from Great Lake or United airlines explaining WHY we have NOT received our my husband and I's return flight tickets. How many more compliants do we have to submit? We have insurance on those flights so WHY??? have we not heard from SOMEONE???????????????????? Why should I have to go into 50 MORE words on WHAT... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Houston, Texas
  • Flight Cancellation
  • 19

Our party of five was booked February 2 2014 Flight #UA756 Houston to Acapulco The flight left almost on time from Huston but turned back approximately 45 minutes into the flight stating mechanical problems with the de-icing system. Prior to the turnaround we had already noted poor service and rudeness from the flight attendant. He told one customer not to touch him when the customer touched... Read more

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  • Feb 15
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • In Flight Service
  • 30
United Airlines makes overseas travel miserable

A few highlights of my recent Washington-Tokyo round-trip on UA: - An ice-cold cabin for 12-13 hours in both directions (picture: passengers pulling coats from suitcases, searching for extra blankets, covering their heads in garments) - Bored, weathered-looking, occasionally surly flight attendants; most just going through the motions - Barely edible food, generally thrown at you in haste -... Read more

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  • Feb 06
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Santa Fe Flight
  • 18

On 12/21/13 we flew from Santa Fe New Mexico to BUrbnank California via Denver - The Santa Fe flight was delayed becasue the toilet would not flush causing us to miss our Burbank connection -- UAL re-routed us to Los Angeles and it literally cost us $100 in cab fare to get to BUR where our hotel was -- UAL REFUSED to reimburse the cab fare saying that once we agreed to go to Los Angeles it was up... Read more

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  • Jan 28
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Customer Service
  • 3
  • 38

My wife and I where flying from Charlotte NC to Chicago IL to see family and after we landed we recieved the news that my wife's father was shot in Nashville seven times and almost died and we had to cancel the back half of our flight from Chicago IL back to Charlotte NC due to her father was in the ICU in Nashville TN. We tried to explain to United Airways that we needed to either cancel or get... Read more

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