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Union Workers Credit Services

  • by   May 07, 2010
  • Review #: 181197
Company Union Workers Credit Services
Product / Service Credit Card
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Category Collection Agencies
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Monetary Loss

I received a letter in the mail today from Union Workers Credit Services stating if I send $37 I will get a 10,000.00 credit limit.I decided to do some research and found this is a scam.

Thousands of others have received this letter and some actually sent the money and never got a credit card. Instead the got 10,000.00 in coupons for various retailers. That is why it is good to do some research before diving into something head first.

There are a lot of people out there that is taking advantage of good honest people.That is called "greed". 30103ff

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Apr 16 
I also received the letter. THANK YOU for update :)
Reply to Suzzz

Apr 16  from Folsom, California
Thank you for posting warning. I'm sure glad I took the time to look this up and that folks like you considerate enough to warn others.
Right on!
Reply to Firthi

Jan 02 
Bigg cujo yes I received the same letter in the mail from union workers credit union for 37 dollars I got slayed as well from them so anyone else don't fall for the gimmick.
Reply to biggcujo

Dec 31, 2013 
Thank you for this site :). I knew something smelled.
Reply to Jashone

Dec 28, 2013 
I just received my "letter" today. All I can say is, well, I'm posting here aren't I?

This site is very useful, and was the first to pop up when I typed in the company name. I'm definitely bookmarking this one!

T Dub
Reply to T Dub

Dec 28, 2013 
i was sent been sent these application and paid $37 once so therefore i'm not sending another $37 cause i never gotten the card but i am signing and returning the paper :(
Reply to frissy b

Dec 27, 2013 
I received my letter today and immediately knew it was a fake because it didn't contain a 1-800 number or any other type of contact phone number. Whoever's behind this scam should be ashamed of themselves.
Reply to mixonblessed

Dec 26, 2013  from Port Richey, Florida
thank you, I am glad I did some research
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 26, 2013  from San Francisco, California
Thanks for the information!!!
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 25, 2013  from Little Rock, Arkansas
I received one today, I know it was a scam because they sent one to my mother a couple years back and she fell for it. I signed the activation form with the signature "not falling for it" and on the back I wrote "stop scamming people out of their hard earned money"! and mailed it to them. They won't be getting any money from me and they will have to pay the postage . :grin
Reply to champayne

Dec 23, 2013 
got my letter today, thank you all, they almost got me. Something told me to look them up, I'm so glad I did, thanks again!!! :p
Reply to jdawg863

Dec 21, 2013 
Well I got my letter in the mail today stating the same thing that I would receive a credit card for 10,000.00 if I sent 37.00 but I decided to do some research first. Im glad I did. How do people get away with this ***. I am in a desperate situation financially so I thought wow god answered my prayers. I knew it was to good to be true.... UGH..... :upset :sigh :(
Reply to Rockstar

Dec 16, 2013 
My letter came from Dallas Tx glad I did my research!!!
Reply to Boomer

Dec 16, 2013 
Thanks so much for this info i almost fell forir,, i am glad i checked. have a very merry christmas, and thanks once again :grin
Reply to kemmer

Dec 12, 2013 
This is so true. Thanks so much for the information. Im glad that I looked into this for my mom before SHE too got scammed by them.
Thanks for looking out.
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 12, 2013 
I got this letter today and knew id better check it out first even though i knew it was a scam , i got scamed 170.00 a few yrs ago for a credit card and all i recieved was a booklet with credit cards i may be preapproved for and they were all junk cards but i was young and nieve then not so much now!!! Just wish i could stop others from falling for it before they send these scumbags money. Im a firm believer in CARMA and thiers wil come eventuly!!
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 11, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
THANKS I received their letter today and was doing some research!!
Reply to BB

Dec 11, 2013 
Jus recieved a letter also. Glad i aint send them nothing, i knew it was to good to be true. They couldnt even put they number on the letter, that was a dead give away. Hope too many ppl dont fall for it, cause thats some bs.
Reply to nune

Dec 10, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
Got one, came her and I like to say to whoever is doing this: GO TO ***. Thanks fellows saved me $37.00. I wonder if Vista, Master Card know they are being slang on :???
Reply to tombstone1883

Dec 09, 2013 
THanks for all of your info everyone I got a letter Friday and it sounded too good thought I would do some checking into it. Thanks
Reply to IKE

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