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UHaul - Trailer Not Available After Making Reservation

  • by   Oct 04, 2013
  • Review #: 451095
Company UHaul
Product / Service Trailer Rental
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Category Shipping
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Monetary Loss

After taking all my info including my CC, uhaul send me a lousy text message indicating that my reservation is no longer available and that I have to travel to La Fayette GA to pick up the trailer.This is one hour away from Chattanooga in the middle of no where.

So I called customer service and they just told me to "take it or leave it". I couldn't believe that I was left on the blue just like that.

I will never do business with uhaul again and I will never refer uhaul to anybody.*** uhaul!
Efren Ormaza 2e39619

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Dec 06, 2013  from Kingsport, Tennessee
I tell people all the time that we can only provide you what we are supposed to have on the lot. Say there's one trailer on the lot 2 weeks before you reserved it and a guy walks in wanting to rent it for 1.5 weeks then (of course) we're going to rent it to him assuming that he will return it on the day and time he is supposed to. Unfortunately, this means that if he doesn't show up until after your reservation (4 days late) there is no longer a trailer available to rent. The Uhaul system does not allow you to make a reservation on something that is not at or is not going to be at the location on your day. Problems do occur (typically it's like the above scenario where the guy turns the trailer in to another Uhaul an hour away instead of the one you were supposed to be at) so that there is no trailer available at the location. Don't assume we screwed you on purpose because it doesn't make sense for us to make people angry by purposefully screwing your move. We want to make every move a success but problems do occur.
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Nov 14, 2013 
That is common practice for Uhaul, double booking. They think they are doing you a favor by finding another unit several miles and hours out of your way.
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Nov 14, 2013 
I made my reservation 3 weeks in advance and had the same problem. Except my closest replacement was a 4 hour round trip away. Same response from U-haul "not our problem".
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Nov 10, 2013  from South Bend, Indiana
let me guess...you made the reservation on the day you needed the trailer. Probably a Friday or Saturday?
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