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UHaul - Credit card charged without authorization

Company UHaul
Product / Service Storage Facility
Location Haltom City, Texas
Category Transportation and Delivery
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Monetary Loss

I fell behind on my storage unit 30 days with a current bill. Me falling behind is of my own doing. They attempted to contact me and left a VM, and I received a letter of being late. In the past I have paid over the phone at the location but I have never has an auto draft set up. So one day I went to the atm and my balance looked odd. Low and behold they charged my card for 213.xx. When I spoke to the agent at the uhaul storage facility(Jared) he explained they were doing me a favor by not allowing my unit to go to auction by doing so. I explained that without my permission what they did is highly illegal. The General Manager believes the same thing and is the one who authorizes this practice. The Area Vice President Ken Birch explains that this is a practice he condones as well and is something he feels is needed.

They do not seem to understand that holding a persons CC information is done so with the understanding that they will protect it and not to be used to charge anything unless it is authorized by the renter. There are consumer protection laws for this very specific reason. They refuse to understand that no matter how much money is owed they can not charge a persons card, and that is the reason why they have the auction clause in place. KEN stated that in the uhaul contract it allows them to do this. WRONG!

Please beware when renting units and paying using a CC. They will charge you without your authorization. The specific facility is located at 5201 Denton Hwy and 820 Haltom City, Tx 76148 30305ba

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Oct 17, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
You are correct - "There are consumer protection laws for this very specific reason.".....contact your state attorney General
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