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Tyson Foods - Animal welfare violations....you should be shut down

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
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Company Tyson Foods
Product / Service Animal Treatment Cruelty
Category Food Vendors
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I video clearing showing pics at one of this companies factories (small new born baby pigs) being picked up by the legs and there heads smashed into the concrete and then left to die on a pile of rotten pig carcasses in agony.Your company should never be left in charge of another animal again....the video clearly shows massive animal rights laws infringements and your licence should be revoked immediately...you should be ashamed...I for one will never touch pork again to ensure I am not supporting your vile company....and I will spread the message to all my friends so they too can avoid your companies products aswell...if money is all you obv care about...hit em were it hurts I say.....how do you sleep at night....disgusting company :( 2db278e

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Dec 18, 2013  from Bottineau, North Dakota
after seeing these videos i will never purchese tyson foods again, and will inform everyone that i know to also do the same as me
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Dec 10, 2013  from Newark, Ohio
It is official I am going vegan for this reason and for my health.
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Dec 10, 2013  from Davenport, Iowa
Due to the heartbreaking video of the abuse of the pigs and piglets my entire family will no longer purchase any Tyson products ever again. That is animal cruelty. I come from a large family. 40 plus customers lost in Iowa. :(

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Dec 10, 2013  from Stillman Valley, Illinois
*** u.u are worthless go *** your self if u can do that to babys I hope u *** die
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That Video made physically sick to my stomach you sick son of a ***.I hope you rot in the deps of **...

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