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Tyson Foods - animal cruelty

  • by   Jan 13
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Company Tyson Foods
Product / Service Animal Cruelty
Location Cameron, Wisconsin
Category Animal Services
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Animal cruelty I will never buy your products ever again!!!This is discusting!

You should be ashamed!! All of your workers should be fired!! Your company should be dropped from every retail store!!! Animal abuse is wrong!!

Yes we kill to eat them but not like this!!

I watched the video of your employees beating kicking punching small pigs cutting there talls off smashing them on the ground in big puddles of blood leaving them beat badly and alive your company should be sued for millions of dollars!!Walmart should drop your company untill.changes are made treat the animals with respect 2f0f026

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Jan 13  from Tysons Corner, Virginia
Why don't you crybabys read the internet? This situation has been taken care of so unless YOU know what the facts are then shut the FU C@#K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(
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