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Tutor Doctor Franchise Review

Company Tutor Doctor
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We have been part of the Tutor Doctor Franchise for the last three years, we found franchise to be excellent investment with excellent support network. All tutors are CRB checked before they are send to the customers homes, the comments on some of the post are incorrect we've always found the management team to be very helpful when problem arise, when you are buying into a franchise the franchise has to be right for you, you need to do your home work.But as far as we're concern Tutor Doctor has been excellent franchise with no regrets.

Thank you 308c300

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10 hours ago  from London, London
I think Frank Milner wrote this himself. What a nasty piece of work he is.
And yeah - the Surrey franchise - She's in huge debt because their business model forces franchisees to take payment up front in a lump sum from their customers. Why? Because they know that it's messy business where margins are so tight that tutors are paid poorly and leave. So, by taking payment up front Tutor Doctor can take their 10% royalty from the franchisee up front - then when it goes pear shaped (it usually does) and the tutor leaves resulting in the customer demanding a refund - the franchisee is forced to refund and has already made a 10% loss in royalty payments.
Tutor Doctor have about 4 franchisees (Surrey, Cambridge & Lancashire) who are on retainers and used to sell franchisesm this review is clearly from one of them and is pure lies.
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Apr 12 
If Tutor Doctor is such a fantastic business why have more franchises left their business in the last three years than those that have joined and only 2 have managed to sell their businesses?
The fact is more Tutor Doctor franchises have had to walk away from this so-called successful business model, compared to the handful that are just surviving.
Their so-called top franchisee in Surrey is running at huge financial debt.
Everything they tell you is complete fabrication and there are current law suits coming to surface that will fully expose this for what it is.
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Apr 14 
I couldn't agree more with your post anonymous. Had the same experience as a former franchise owner
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Jan 03  from Kent, England
Above review is a cover up by head office, how sad!

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Jan 12 
Yes another Tutor Doctor head office smoke screen.
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