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Company TruGreen
Product / Service Lawncare Service
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Category Landscaping and Gardening
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TRUGREEN.......Worst customer service in the world.Once they get your money, forget their guaranteed satisfaction.

They don't return phone calls, they don't show up when they say they will, they don't honor their promise of guaranteed satisfaction and they are about the worst run company I have ever had do work for me. I have 6750 square feet treated and it takes them exactly 10 minutes to treat an area of this size. Spent $963 with them last year (2011) and my lawn looks terrible.

Weeds rampant, bare spots still and no one will take responsibility for making it right.NEVER, NEVER HIRE TRUGREEN AS A LAWNCARE PROVIDER! 3030fc6

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Apr 19 
Completely destroyed my lawn. Everything is true. They don't do the service, they don't return phone calls, they don't care once they have your money...
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Dec 02, 2013  from Fort Pierce, Florida
True Green wrecked my zoysia lawn in 6 months. I took care of the lawn myself for 9 years and it looked nice. Then I started the RV life being gone a lot. After True Green's first 6 month run taking care of my lawn I came home to a totally destroyed lawn that will have to be replaced. Oh thanks a pile Turue Green. Thanks a pile. These clowns don't know what they are doing. Do NOT hire them!!
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Oct 22, 2013 
everything you say about TRUGREEN is true. i stopped there service a month ago and they told me they would refund what money i had left of $195.00 and i still havent seen the money
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Sep 11, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
i work out of country - contracted trugreen for care of lawn for what i thought was billed quarterly - when i made no payment for 2 months - account went to bad debt - understandably. Got back in country - find lawn dead - call - my account has 256.00 credit, sitting beside the $56.00 bad debt...and my lawn is dead... it gets better. nice lady told me sorry, i have to get you to sales - it will take a while for accounting to straighten this out and you will have to talk to sales and set it up again.. when all this is finished. we can come out. I cancel account and was told it will take 2 to 3 weeks or refund..

awesome - for a national lawn care chain. just awesome.

Jan 08, 2013 
ServiceMaster's TruGreen is a behemoth of a lawn "care" company that insults the intelligence of their customers by attempting to disguise a cost/rate increase under the ruse "To serve you better...". And then with the higher price their service still sucks! Sandbaggers indeed!!! I'm done with this *** corporation that ruined my lawn and bled my credit card. I wrote across their renewal letter to cancel my service and remove me from their system!
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Dec 11, 2012 
I've used this service for 6 years now, and my lawn looks terrible. When I signed up, they said that they could treat weeds and insects, but once they get your money, forget about it.
They sold me an additional treatment for fireants, and would never treat for them because they said my ants were not fire ants. They knew I did not have fire ants when they collected my money.
When I complained about other insects, they said they would not treat them, as they were not "turf damaging". Meanwhile, there are large piles of sand and piles of dirt from tunneling insects where grass used to be.
Sometimes they came to do additional services, which I had not ordered, and added them to my bill.
When I complained about weeds, I was told to replace my lawn!

I tried to get a service call for 3 months, calling 1-2 times per week. Some workers were very rude and argumentative. At the corporate level, they pretended to care and said it would be taken care of. I believed them, but nobody ever came, YET A BILL CAME!
When I tried to have the bill removed and cancel service, it took over 6 calls to corporate. I was assured it was taken care of, but each time I called, it was as though I had never called.
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May 16, 2013  from Manhattan, New York
And you used this lawn service for 6 years, but you are still ***?

Try getting a life and a new lawn service.
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Sep 20, 2012 
Doing this is a first for me, as I am not the type to write complaint letters or make Internet postings. However....with most of my interactions with TruGreen employees, the majority of them strike me as disgruntled, and dissatisfied working for this company. Whenever I call, instead of being treated as a valued customer, their office staff comes off as if I am bothering them. More often than not, they are rude and snippy with me!
I am also UNHAPPY with the Specialist that they are sending out to do our lawn. I don't know his name. He doesn't seem to like his job at all! He is here and gone in a blink of an eye, and his lack of attention is apparent to my lawn. Crabgrass started coming back and I was digging out other weeds. I have lumpy/patchy areas that have not been addressed. Not happy with the lack of service from him. My neighbors (who are also TG customers), on both sides of me have the same poor service complaints.
P.S. TruGreen's Facebook page is another example of horrible P.R. 90% of it is people saying how awful TruGreen is. It really surprises me that Trugreen doesn't pull their Facebook page down!
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Aug 29, 2012 
If you want a golf course, you need to put in the time yourself. These guys come and feed your lawn with the fertilizer, but if you dont water or just have *** lawn, then... tooo baddddd.
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Dec 06, 2012  from Rockville, Maryland
Who died and put you in charge? You must work for the worst company in the world aka Trugree. I just fired them after they never showed up for my final treatment of the yr. I called their corporate hqtrs and complained again and was informed that the final treatmen t should have been done 6-8 wks ago. I recommended that the mgr be fired as he's an arrogant lying ***. Don't give me the *** abt watering the lawn blah blah blah. I do that and the lawn still looks like ***. I'm done calling 4-6 times to get these slug to come out!
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May 14, 2013  from Gulf Breeze, Florida
That's what I had last summer when I bought it brand new yard ($8000). Trugreen's promise to keep it that way. They come out once every six weeks... In six weeks sod moths can destroy an entire yard! I lost nearly 3000sqft in 3 weeks and they were unapologetic. I had my yard completely dug up and landscaped to be a golf course and I have seen nothing but poor service. I told them I wanted them to come out more often than six weeks. but I have to call for each additional service. Treat my yard like you would your own.
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Jul 16, 2012 
I also stopped their service, I had to keep calling them back out. A friend lost her whole yard when the guy put the wrong stuff down. They did put in a new lawn for her but no excuse
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Jul 08, 2012 
The problem is 10 for your sized lawn is right. Thats what we're trained to do. The problem is they give us way to much work to be able to treat each lawn correctly. Some days we drive 100 to 200 miles and have 20 to 30 stops. Ispent all last year doing huge lawns by foot with no tractor or anything. It took 1-3 hours a lot of the times. This year my pay got cut due that. Now after promises of a begter company we get screwed. When they over print knowing we cant get it done we have to call the customer now. Sometimes I just want to tell the customer the truth. I had a customer tell me I had it easy I just laughed. I had just finish walking a 3 acre lawn twice heat index 113. All I ha e to say to you guys pay attention to your visits. If you have HLP program all reg apps are suppose to be 6 to 7 Weeks apart. I didn't do stops 14 days apart and my manager said to do it to get Trugreen money. And also store products last longer and better. If you get a high wheel spreader you can do the job. I hate seeing people screwed. I will also say about 40% of the customers are d bags. We put dry fert down it rains they call for service calls or they blame us for brown areas. Customers say they water but you can tell by the soil. Once the soil cracks here comes the crabgrass. Ok my rsnt is over.
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Apr 28, 2012 
Unfortunately the same can be said about all of the large lawn care corporations. The list includes TruGreen, Scotts, Lawn Doctor, WeedMan, and NaturaLawn. All of them are guilty of providing the "bare-bones" minimal service as quick as they can. While at the same time, being very eager to sell you more of their services. It is all about slick marketing & sales, while treating the actual lawncare end of the business as more of a side-line! Do yourself huge favor (and get no headaches) by hiring a small, local lawn fertilization company, that cares enough about their business reputation by good word-of-mouth!!!
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Apr 28, 2012 
I totally agree. They spread basic nonsense on your lawn, no custom troubleshooting, and your lawn will look exactly the same as it did before. They may as well just have thrown their little yellow signs on my lawn and yelled "abracadabra", because they don't give a ***. Hired Scott's this year, and so far, same type of service. Very basic attention to your needs. These companies may as well just crop dust the whole town and send you a bill.
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