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Here is the contact info for the Pres/CEO of TruGreen....

Company TruGreen
Product / Service Lawn Care Service
Location Monroe, Michigan
Category Landscaping and Gardening
Views 930

To get into direct contact with the President/CEO of TruGreen, here is the direct line to his office: 901-597-1964. This number is answered by his personal secretary at the TruGreen Corporate Headquarters in Memphis, TN. You can also email his office at customercare@trugreenmail.com
The second way to get your issues resolved, is to post a comment on TruGreen's Facebook wall. While you are on the Trugreen Facebook page, be sure to click on "Photos" at the top of the page. VERY REVEALING!!!
The final step is to also contact TruGreen's parent company, ServiceMaster at their 24-hour Ethics Hotline at 1-800-937-9888. You can also email them at talktous@servicemaster.com
I am posting all this contact information as an angry ex-Trugreen customer. First, I had poor service results. I had a lot of problems trying to call the local office. Then after cancelling, I had disputes with TruGreen over billing for extra services that they added on without my OK. And then being called DAILY and hounded by very aggressive (and sometimes rude) salesmen trying desparately to get me to reinstate with TruGreen. I followed all 3 steps outlined above to finally resolve the billing dispute, and to get TruGreen to stop contacting me for good. IT WORKED!!!! 2ffe28f

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Mar 27 
Used to have Trugreen but didn't want their service anymore had a hard time canceling and then the phone calls started. Received a call last mth from a Denise in Kalamazoo saying she was from trugreen wanting my business back. I told her didn't want their service they are way too aggressive in marketing and basically harassing me with phone calls. Just want to be left alone. Then Dan from TruGreen Kalamazoo calls me yesterday 5pm wanting to know if we want Trugreen service I told him NO and that they harass and are to aggressive put me on a do not call list don't bug me. Guess what? The very next day at 12:15 pm Dan yes the same Dan from Trugreen Kalamazoo calls me again asking if I want their service! The man apparently forgot he called me the day before !!!!! Well I was so mad I asked for his supervisor and got Ben told him how mad I was about the phone calls, I told them I would never ever have trugreen out and would tell everyone how bad they are. Also how they harass by phone calls. I also called the corp number in TN you had listed and gave them an earful. TruGreen is HORRIBLE
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Feb 27  from Oldsmar, Florida
To say I am upset with TrueGreen would be an understatement. I have to agree with Big Guy in his assessment. We called back in August to cancel our service because we were not happy with their service. All was fine until January 2014. When they started treating Our lawn. We call and was informed our record show we had asked that the service be suspended for the reminder of 2013. January 2014 arrives and they took it on themselves to start the service again without our permission. In the end I agreed to pay the bill by sending them $1.00 a month until the balance has been paid and advised them if one of their technicians step on my property I would file trespass charges.
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Jan 06 
Quick bit of advice if you are already at this site then you are pissed. Do not I repeat do not do business with true green it is nothing but an unending series of aggravating events with this company.
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Oct 23, 2013  from Edmonton, Alberta
I am not happy with tru green. A lady 94 years old got a bill from you for aerating her lawn. She told true green she did not want it done. I have power of attorney over this lady. She cannot see and is deaf. She received a bill for $98.00 dollars. Tru green phoned my house about aerating her lawn because she told them to phone me. I never gave tru green the authority to do the lawn. I phoned tru green in edmonton twice. They said they would get back to me in a couple of days. It has been a week since the last call. Is this the kind of service you give. I will not pay the ninety eight dollars.

I want this matter settled immediately Joan. The news media would probably like this story
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Jul 12, 2013 
This morning i called TRUGREEN inquire about lawn care. I called OKC#-reached Rory in Dallas.
Quoted me 73.00 each 7 wk visit and add'l 73.00 for insects.
Wanted my cc info over phone before any work was done. I refused and he stated "he didn't want to get fired or anything, so they could just invoice me out." This guy has supposedly been with company for 20 years. Red flag went up when he wanted cc over phone. 2nd flag went up when he changed his option so quickly.

Called national # and spoke with a "new sales" rep who would not answer my question when asked about company policy regarding payment methods and xferred me to "customer service" in Dallas to Larry Parks, since I was an "existing customer" and he couldn't access my files". Existing? They hadn't even been out yet!

Larry Parks spent 10x as much time talking as he did listening to my concern and after 5 minutes, he FINALLY admitted to the company having 3 ways of paying for service, which were NEVER offered to me by Rory. After coming to the conclusion that I wasn't really getting anywhere I said good day to Larry Parks.

After hanging up I decided I did not want to do business with Trugreen if this is the way customers are treated before they even have the first lawn treatment. So I called the local OKC number again and reach a young lady (no telling where she really was). I relayed to her that I would like to cancel my treatment for next week and did not
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Aug 01, 2013  from Orlando, Florida

I think you made your experience a bad one, not the other way around.
Its not 1950 any more, companies do outsource their call centers. At least TruGreen they do keep theirs within the United States. I also find it funny that you got so irate over something as minuscule as lawn care. I hope you have a heart attack the next time you have to call customer service for a company that uses workers from New Delhi that cant speak a word of english
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Aug 08, 2013 
Harold, Obviously you have not bought a $1,000 worth of sod and watched it die. I have been given the run around long enough. My grass is almost dead, no one answers the phone and if they do they lie to you. I paid $630 for this service (which actually is no service) and I intend to be made whole before this is over. I don't care if I have to sue their butts I am prepared to do so. By the way I have had my computer worked on 3 times by people from India and have always had good results. Pretty soon Tru Green with be dispatching it's customer service there. Probably would get better service if they did.
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Sep 25, 2013  from Wilmington, Delaware
A heart attack? Very sad response.
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Oct 03, 2013 
You must work for TruGreen. ***.
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Mar 19 
What kind of response is that? This person's complaint has nothing to do with where a call center is. Why have a customer service number if you don't give customer service?
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Jun 01, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
:upset :upset well i recived a call from a suppervisor and they talk me in to having them do my lawn again. will gary from home office you promissed me something you can't deliver so i had to canncal your service again. no show after calling you will be out . but know show. sorry for that same old same old. i tryed to give your company a secound chance. you blowed it. i will not use true green know more. :( :? :sigh :upset :eek :roll :sigh :( :zzz
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Jun 01, 2013 
The direct land-line phone numbers for TruGreen's Corporate CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER is 901-597-1395 and 901-597-8104. Their COO is the Big Boss that is directly responsible for all of TruGreen's service operations and in-field production. If the jobs aren't getting done properly, then these are the phone numbers that you all need to call if your Tech is not performing up to expectations. Or if your service is sub-par, resulting in a lawn that is weedy and/or has fertilizer burn. You can also email the CEO & COO directly at TGCommunications@trugreenmail.com
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May 02, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
i will say that true green did final check on my lawn, and the supervisor come out and looked at the lawn, happy tp say true green give me my all my money back excepet for the first treatement they did so i guess if you want it done then you should do it yourself. no fuss no muss
thanks true green retsargent
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May 02, 2013 
The phone number for TruGreed's Vice President of Customer Service & Retention is 901/597-1453. This company VP's primary job responsibility is to oversee and improve the customer's "experience" in all aspects of their dealings with TruGreen. Back in 2010, she was forced to send a 2-page apology letter to all TruGreen customers explaining; 1) The new Enhanced Billing System that actually caused delays in the posting of payments to customer's accounts. And also technical (computer) difficulties when making payments on-line. Then 2) the Updated Phone Systems that have caused longer hold times, and dropped calls. 2010 was the year that TruGreen introduced their very frustrating Call Forwarding "vortex". Where you go down the "'rabbit hole'" every time you dial the number to your local office. So, call 901/597-1453 and give this TruGreed Corporate V.P. an ear-full about their complete lack of customer service!!!!!! :( :cry :x :sigh :upset :eek
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Apr 15, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
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Sep 22, 2012 
I am having difficulty with billing. I agreed to a charge to be billed to my Visa for aeration and seeding and have now been sent a bill from TruGreen for a different amount. They even charged my Visa for more than was agreed upon. I have made 6 phone calls to try to get it resolved with no results. I also had paid TruGreen for the fertilization and *** control in a lump sum back in early spring. Last week they came by and fertilized, which I assumed was in the package I had already paid. Guess not! I was sent a bill for that too. This then was a service I HAD NOT AUTHORIZED! I intend to contact TruGreen at the numbers listed above and see if I can't get this resolved. I don't intend to be taken.
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Sep 08, 2012 
Just to add to the information already provided. The regular phone number to get you straight to TruGreen's main office in Tennesee is 901.681.1800. The Line #2 to the TruGreen's CEO office is 901.681.1395.
What you all DON'T want to do is call TruGreen's (866), (877), or (800) phone numbers. As these numbers will only get you in touch with a telemarketer at one of TruGreen's national sales centers!
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Jul 21, 2013 
Thanx....The point made above is a great one. DON'T call any of the (8**) numbers if you want to get in contact with TruGreen's Corporate office in Memphis, Tenn. Be sure that you are call a phone number with a (901) Area Code!
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Aug 28, 2012 
Just a quick little fact. Trugreen over-fertilizes fescue lawns in this area and that is probably one of the main reasons their customers get brown patch. But hey, no problem. You can pay them more money to come out and do fungicide treatments during the summer. 3-4 times if it doesn't go away. What a sham........fescue lawns only need fertilizer @ 4 times a year at the most. Go TruGreed!
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Feb 15, 2013 
For a "Tru" inside the industry look at TruGreen. Just do an Internet search by typing in the words "lawnsite trugreen". This will take you to a whole series of Discussion Boards of all the REAL professionals in the lawn-care industry. Many of them are former employees of TruGreen that now have their own lawn business. A lot of what they reveal about TruGreen's business practices on these discussion boards is quite scandalous! :eek
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