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TruGreen reviews, TruGreen complaints, read TruGreen reviews, find TruGreen reviews, TruGreen scam reports
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Industry: Landscaping and Gardening
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  • 418 complaints
  • $300,215 claimed losses
  • $718 average
  • 31874 since Apr 06, 2008

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Main address: 860 Ridge Lake Boulevard 38120 Memphis TN
877-905-5147, 866-369-9539, ,
TruGreen reviews, TruGreen complaints, read TruGreen reviews, find TruGreen reviews, TruGreen scam reports
  • 418 complaints
  • $300,215 claimed losses
  • $718 average
Had an experience with TruGreen?
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  • Apr 15
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Harrasing Calls
  • 7

They called asking if I was interested in their service at least 15 times in the past month and a half. In many cases using the pick up line "I'm in your area, just thought I'd swing by and get you taken care off". Sometimes even twice in the same night. Yet I told them every time NO, take me of your *** call list. Not to mention when I did use them 4 years ago they treated my neighbor's yard... Read more

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  • Apr 07
  • Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Grass Care Overcharging
  • 1
  • 17

I been a customer with Tru Green/Grass Roots for 14 years i had my front & backyard done when ever it needed for $48.00 i recently got a new dog i keep in my backyard so i only wanted the front yard done and they still want to charge me $48.00 and my front yard is half the size of the back. So i do not recommend them to anyone there just after the money. I also experience they charged me for... Read more

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  • Mar 21
  • Eagle Mountain, Utah
  • Lawn Service
  • 29

They don't keep their appointments, apparently. I told them over and over when I first signed up that I am never home during the week but really want to be there to talk to the technician when he comes over as our lawn is in terrible shape and I'd love to see what they can do or here any suggestions. They insisted they don't work on weekends so it has to be during the week but I kept calling over... Read more

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  • Mar 16
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Lawn Care
  • 25

A door to door salesperson talked me into using their service for a full year due to the poi grass problem that was obvious in my front yard. I was told it would probably take two full applications to kill the weeds. Three applications were given and not a single *** changed colors. I called the office and never got responses other than another application would be applied. The weeds finally died... Read more

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  • Mar 12
  • Batavia, Ohio
  • Trugreen Lawn Care System
  • 37

Although we'd had a couple minor incidents where TruGreen didn't come when they'd scheduled an appointment, we were fairly happy with their treatments. At one point, our lawn looked a mess because they'd missed an appointment and after 2 calls asking when they'd be out again, they finally showed up. I know the tech didn't think anyone was home (as he rang the doorbell, but I didn't get to it on... Read more

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  • Mar 05
  • Woodbine, Georgia
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • 3
  • 47

We had Trugreen for several years and really had no problem. We had some financial difficulties last year and had to cut out some non essential items, lawn care being one thing. Every month since then we get a call from Trugreen telling us we need them or our lawn was going to fall apart. We have told them over and over we can not afford lawn care right now and when we can we will call them.... Read more

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  • Feb 20
  • Lawn Services
  • 62

I cannot begin to express my anger and frustration with this company! We had problems in the past with them only treating the front yard but charging us for the full yard, performing services and charging us without authorization, etc. We thought we had put all this behind us and agreed to prepay our 2014 service. Lo and behold, even though we prepaid they charged my checking account for... Read more

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  • Feb 11
  • Concord, North Carolina
  • Lawn Care Service
  • 54

I'm a former customer of TruGreen. I used their services for 3 years. Initially I was very impressed. The initial cost was much lower than my current lawn care provider, but every year when renewal came the cost made by jaw drop to the floor. I would have to call customer support to get the price lowered, but still being more than the previous year. I discontinued my service after several... Read more

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  • Jan 30
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Applications
  • 69

I am an applicator for another company. I get a bunch of their lawns and its the same on all their sites. They can pump your lawn with nitrogen but can't kill a *** for anything. Clover seems to be the toughest for these clowns. I can't even count the times I seen them make applications in the rain. Dam even last year i saw they liming on snow. Come on! Tru Green is the cheapest out there for a... Read more

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  • Jan 29
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Home Maintenance Plan
  • 59

I agreed last year to one of their maintenance plans. They sprayed twice out of Champaign, Il at 96 bucks a Pop because I did not prepay. The applications killed no weeds so I called to complain. First of all the people on the 800 number have no idea what the people are doing on the actual employee sites. They just cancelled my account without a respray. Then I get a call from someone named Kevin... Read more

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