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Tracfone - Transfer of services botched; service disconnected

Company Tracfone
Product / Service Tracfone Wireless
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Cellular Phone
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Monetary Loss

I tried to ransfer the service from one Tracfone to another Tracfone, and a service rep said it was done.Service will be ready in 15 minutes, leave my phone, on, etc.

It has been 2 days already; no phone service, and no Tracfone Customer Service to help. An automated system keeps telling me to wait another 15 minutes and call back if the service doesn't come on. 2 days later and 20 calls, theirs system is stuck on it, and no way to reach a human. It cuts me off when I enter my phone number as required!

For buying minutes or phones, Tracfone has reps that anwer the phone to sell, but for services -after taking your money it is all automated and no way to get to a human.

I still have 558 minutes and 347 days of services, all a waste with a dead Tracfone. 2d9aca0

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Aug 08, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I wish I would have read this before I bought a new Tracfone... the transfer of my phone number was botched and now after 2.5 years, I have to notify everyone that Tracfone screwed up and I have a new phone number. Tracfone reps lie consistently, and the company's claim that you can transfer your phone number is false advertising.
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