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Tracfone - bait & switch bonus minutes

  • by   Feb 16, 2013
  • Review #: 385244
Company Tracfone
Product / Service Prepaid Cell Phone Card
Location Pittston, Pennsylvania
Category Cellular Phone
Views 65
Monetary Loss

Had minutes on phone got a text message from tracfone.Message reads "add a 120 minute card & get 270 bonus minutes using promo code 93760".

Bought the card added it to the phone using the promo code. Got a message that card was added. Message reads "120 minutes & 150 bonus minutes added. I called tracfone.

Spoke with customer service ; was told that the promo code was only for 30 minutes. I tried to explain that is not what the text message read. I tried to explain numerous times but all she kept saying was the promo code was for 30 minutes!

Customer service did NOTHING to satisfy customer.VERY DISSATISFIED WITH TRACFONE. 2eea330

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Jul 31, 2013  from Cookeville, Tennessee
Tracfone is a rip-off and has just robbed me blind for the last time. I just purchased a new phone from a reputable and honest company whose people who are actually helpful and nice.Tracfone, you make plenty of money off of your customers so why do you continue to rip people off? TRACFONE, SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! :?
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Feb 26, 2013 
Same thing for me on the promo code 93760,


Don't miss out. Add a 120 Minutes card and get 270 Bonus Mins w /promocode 93760. One week left!

Feb 22, 6:22 pm
Feb 22, 6:22 pm

Tracfone said I was a lier and it was only good for 30 min....I'm passing this all to Florida Attorney General Citizens Services

I have a double minute card so I should have had 240 on the card and 270 min bonus, lets see in plan english that would be 510 min :? ....I wasted my time and called them and customer service would not use the word bonus and claim they didn't send it or it was a mistake....in the Land of Lincoln a contract is a contract....sorry just don't cut it, I'm sure Florida Attorney General office is like minded
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