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Toys r Us Babies r Us - TERRIBLE experience with TOYS R US


I am appalled / disgusted / and disappointed by this company and the way they choose to treat their customers.I had an *AWFUL* experience in a local Toys R Us where I am a FREQUENT customer.

Since November ( when i started my Christmas shopping ) I frequent this specific Toys R Us a few times a week and I've spent * A LOT * of money with this company I've chosen to do ALL of my Christmas shopping with them including my adult and outside gifts as well as gifts for my own three children. I waited in line in 17 degree weather on Black Friday to shop and was the first person in line to get into the store! I've been overcharged numerous times and spent my own time righting the overcharges and never made a huge fuss about it. One of the sales people at this location made numerous inappropriate comments to me while in the store that embarrassed and outraged me so I immediately called the cooperate phone number *THINKING* this company would actually care how there customers are treated especially loyal repeat customers in an economy where people aren't really spending like they used to for Christmas and certainly have plenty of options of where TO shop.

Boy was I wrong! I made the phone call on DECEMBER 10 and it is now DECEMBER 17 and I have yet to hear back from someone in the corporate office. I've taken time out of my own day numerous times to follow up and keep getting the same answers that no one is available to help me and I have to keep waiting until someone has the *TIME* to get back to me. I am outraged what kind of company treats their customers this way?

If there is an incident in a store where a customer is insulted and ridiculed that should be top of the priority list.Be wary when doing business with this company because they will surely take your money they just don't really value your loyalty, feelings, or time. 30689ab

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Dec 17, 2013 
I purchased video games, a portable speaker that syncs to a cellphone / tablet etc., a kareoke machine , a tablet, an ipod, and dvd's for adult gifts. This is also beyond not being the " first customer " there policy is 3-5 days which it is now well over and they've been e-mailed by the customer relations people four times so far and they can't understand why no one has gotten back to me.
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Dec 17, 2013 
What kind of adult gifts do you find at Toys R Us? Sounds kind of fishy to me.
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Dec 17, 2013  from Brecksville, Ohio
That's the place on route 98 - they have combined a toys 'r us and an adult novelty store - *** aisle five, my little pony aisle 6 (not to be confused with "My little hard pony" in aisle 69)
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Dec 17, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
Wow! That sounds horrible! Are you alright? Do you need to lie down for a minute? They have thousands of customers so no, you won't be absolutely number one on the list.
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