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Toyota - 2007 camery is burning oil

  • by   May 15, 2010
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Company Toyota
Product / Service 2007 Toyota Camry
Location Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Category Dealers
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Hello, My name is Carol Medina.I own a 2007 Toyota camry that is burning a quart of oil in 2 weeks.

I noticed one day when my oil light turned on! Talked to service dept. and they said that they would monitor my car. It is now approximately 4 months later and nothing is being done!

My husband and I were actually thinking of trading my car in for a Venza til we found this out. I just wish that the service dept. could just fix my car since this is a own problem with Camry's, which we did not no when we bought my car brand new! I do not want a Venza now, needless to say!

Thank you!PLEASE HELP ME! 2e429ba

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Mar 26 
I purchased my 2007 in August of 2006 brand new and I am having problems with oil consumption. My car now has about 170K miles and was 2 quarts down in 500 miles. Really? I am waiting for a call back from the dealership to see if they will do anything, but based on everything I'm reading, it does not appear that Toyota will be helpful. I should know in a few days. This may definitely be my first and last Toyota purchase.
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Jan 02 
my *** 07 camry is burning oil also. F-Toyota! never again will I buy from them again! :(
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Dec 03, 2013  from Mcdonough, Georgia
Not only does my 2007 Camry burn oil but every few months I get a letter telling me of some recall or problem they are having with a certain part on the car. The last one I got said I may roll down my windows one day and catch on fire. I asked the Toyota dealership when my car was serviced and they said they would oil the electronic window controls and asked me if I was sure I hadn't noticed a burning smell.
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Nov 10, 2013 
I have a 2007 Toyota Camry LE and I have this exact same problem. Sad that they have not done a recall on this, I would be interested in a class action lawsuit.
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Aug 20, 2013 
I own a 2007 Toyota Camry and I am have the same problem. My car is using about a quart every 5000 miles. I had scheduled to take it to a Toyota Dealership this morning but cancelled after reading all of the data on this web site. I purchased the car new and have had the oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. I am very upset due to the fact I cant afford a hugh bill in trying to reslove the issue. I have owned several Toyota's in my life time but I am thinking of trading and going to Nissan. The company should do a recall if this many 07 Toyota owners are having the same problem. I will not buy Toyota again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aug 10, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I'm also an owner of 2007 camry and mine started consuming oil about year or more from now. I took it to the dealer and after almost four oil changes( which is about year +/-) I finally got something that feels like an answer. The pistons of a car are designed wrongfully and these new ones have different design on it. Now it costs well over $3000 dollars to be fixed and Toyota says its not their problem to fix it and my external warranty does not cover oil consumption. So me and other Camry owners are screwed (f*****) because no one wants to own it up :( :( :( . I have no choice but to get rid of the car ASAP.
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Aug 09, 2013 
We have a 2007 Camry and this is our third we had 1995, 1998 and now the 2007. the 1995 or 1998 had no oil issues at all in fact we still see our 1998 driving around town and when we traded it in for a 03 Toyota corolla in 2002 it had 160,000 miles, we took our 2007 camry in for the oil change last Thursday it had only one quart left in it, it does not leak or smoke, the car is parked in garage and we have no leaks on ground, we have had it 100% serviced at our local Toyota dealer. I was told this common for that year. I think a recall is needed to get this addressed we paid $25000.00 for it it should not be burning anything.
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Aug 01, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
I wouldn't say they're junk. My last two both had over 200k and ran just fine when I sold them. 14 years and no quality problems.

Toyota did let their quality slip a bit with the '07. My new '13 is solid and perfect in every way. There is no doubt this one will last over 10 years.

If you still own the '07, you can do one of two things. Sell it, or change the oil every 3k, check the level weekly, and after 90k start using a synthetic blend. In other words, suck it up.

That's my 2¢
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Jun 30, 2013  from Fredericton, New Brunswick
I also have a 2007 Camry se and is burning oil..Took it to the Toyota dealer and did some tests and they told me it was normal..
Should be a recall..
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Jun 19, 2013  from Laguna Niguel, California
Same here, I have 2007 Camry and I have to put in oild for every 1500 miles.
what should we do about it ? Can we file a class action law suit ?
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Jun 13, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
have a 2007 Camry LE, that has a oil consumption problem. Back on Sept 28, 2012, I was having my oil changed and the mechanic told me that I was almost 3 quarts down, and after inspection of the car, he did not find any leaks. My car at this point had 70,274 miles on it. The mechanic suggested that I take it back to the Toyota dealership, to see what the problem was. I took the car back to Toyota and they told me in order to see what the problem was they had to fill the oil and (lock it down) and to bring it back in 1200 miles. I brought the car back in late November, early December 2012 and the oil was down 1.8 quarts .

There is a Technical Service Bulletin on this issue, T-SB-0094-11. 2AZ-FE Engine Oil Consumption issue. Toyota told me this was an issue, but my engine was out of warranty.. They told me that they would split the total repair cost with me 50/50. That the most I would pay is $2000. This is for a known issue. I didn't know what to do, but they told me that this repair would be under warranty for 12 months and if I had any issues then they would fix it. They would stand by the repair and they were certain this would fix the oil problem. So I had the car fixed and picked it up Dec. 21, 2012. It ended up costing me $1424.00, and I was told that I could go back to having my oil changed every 5000 miles. I was a little nervous about that so after 1000 miles I took it back and was told that they had to top it off. I said how much was
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Jun 18, 2013  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
you should definitely sue the toyota dealer that made you pay $1400, and get your money back before its too late.
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May 28, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
I too owned the '07 Camry. It started using oil around 40,000 miles. Appx 1 qt every 1,200 miles. The service tech told me that due to the Camry's engine getting such high performance it is now using that much. Toyota came out with a bulletin stating 1 qt per 1200 is acceptable. They knew what was happening. Nothing is technically wrong with the engine. You just need to check it every week and keep a qt on hand. Plus, keep in mind that '07 was a pivotal year for the Camry. Is it four recalls by now? Remember they apologized for letting their quality slip?

What I did was to trade mine in for a new one. My '13 Camry is awesome. And the way they dealt with the oil issue was to make it with synthetic only. So far so good.

If you are planning on trading it in, do it this year. Why? Because the dealers will "Certify" Toyotas for five years. Next year you won't get as much. And remember, check Kelley Blue Book and print it before going in.
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May 28, 2013 

I have same problem. Started at 65K.

I have put complaing to Attorney general of Georgia and BBB .

Hope Toyota does recall.
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May 06, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
I am too having the same problem, my engine oil is burning out in between oil changes. my oil is changed at least every three months.
Do not notice any oil on the grounds, but my oil is burning way too fast. I have to add at least 3 quarts of oil before i bring it in for a regular oil change.
Toyota should recall and fix this problem. My 2007 Toyota Camry was purchased brand new.
We need to complain to Toyota in droves!!
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Apr 10, 2013 
2007 Camry LE, 89,000 miles, burns 1 qt of oil per 1000 miles. Dealer says this is normal. 30 years of buying Toyota's and this is the last one. I will never buy another. Toyota dropped the ball on this one. They covered their tails by putting 1.1 qt / 600 miles as normal oil consumption in the manual. Who reads a 300 page manual before buying a car?
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Mar 24, 2013  from Oxford, Massachusetts
:( I hava a 2007 LE Camry with the oil burning problem, every 2500 miles oil level is close to ZERO...I agree with the below posts, Toyota should do a recall
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Mar 04, 2013  from Jacksonville, Florida
2007 Camry is buring Qt/1500 miles. Dealer says all is normal. Must be a new normal. I am a 30 year toyota owner and this Camry may be my last.
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