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ToCo WARRANTY (tocowarranty.com) is Access Warranty / AW Autopro - SCAM

Company ToCo Warranty
Product / Service Unreliable Auto Insurance
Category Auto Insurance
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Access Warranty / AW Autopro has filed for Bankrupcy to avoid paying refund to thousands of their customers! They are currently being sued by several entities, including their administrator/warranty underwriter, Interstate National Dealer Services and are being investigated by several Attorney General's.

They are now operating as "TOCO Warranty" ( Tocowarranty / TOCOWARRANTY.COM ) in an attempt to defraud more consumers out of their money.

STAY AWAY - Just do a search for "Access Warranty" or "AW Autopro". If you've purchased a warranty from them, call your credit card companies Chargeback Disputes Cepartment while you're still able to get your money back.


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Mar 19  from Rochester, New York
You people have to realize who these "sellers" are! The sellers are just that, a seller. They are not the insurance company, they are not the company that says yes or no on your claims. They are just getting you to buy the product and for that, they take between 20% and 50% of the "retail" cost as a sales commission. The remainder is forwarded to the claims administrator and insurance company. I have no idea if the seller is telling you wrong information. They usually aren't familiar enough with the actual "verbiage" of the contract, so they assume they are correct. Each claim is handled on its own merits. Some are covered, some are not. These contracts do not cover "everything"! Again, this company may be a good "seller" but they are no the claims administrator, nor are they the insurance company underwriting the program!
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Oct 28, 2013  from Wildomar, California
thank god I did research on the toco prior to buying their service..
Reply to suzi

Nov 08, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Yes Suzi Praise God because they are rip offs!!!!!!
Reply to Kim

Oct 16, 2013 
Yes, the above must be a smear campaign. This is a company backed by a billion dollar publicly traded out fit. They have have cut out several of the middle men to offer a far superior product and customer service to their customers.
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Mar 22  from Tampa, Florida
Merrill Lynch was a billion dollar company.
Didn't stop them from committing investor fraud and being nailed by the feds.
Bernie Madoff ran a billion dollar company.
Didn't keep him from a life sentence for fraud.
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Oct 10, 2013 
I just purchased from them and now I'm concerned. I just gave them my CC info. Are these guys real or not? This p*****s me off!

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Sep 10, 2013 
I smell ***! Keep in mind the people who are trying to get the buy-in can also make comments on this site. I don't believe a *** thing they said. If they are so legit then why have I not seen a commercial that could validate them? A random phone call when I have other *** to do from some random person selling me *** is just crazy. I find it funny they are willing to cover the repairs for only a $50.00 (example) deductible and not charge you a down payment. That just sounds too good to be true and that usually means it is.
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Aug 14, 2013  from Madison, Wisconsin
I just purchased from TOCO should I cancel
Reply to Pattypat5

Nov 13, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Yes I found out from both mechanics that many extended warranty companies are scams artists. We pay this money only for them to take our money and not honor the contracts. They will find a way to deny you.
Reply to Kim Joy

Aug 05, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
Reply to sipiwe

Aug 08, 2013 
We are trained to go over, in honest detail, all of our coverage options with our customers. So, I was very concerned to hear about this complaint. Since all of our calls are recorded, I had my supervisor and his supervisor listen to the call verifying that I was very clear with the customer on what exactly was covered.

When the original sale is made, we transfer the customer to our verification department to make sure the customer understands everything. We are also required to make a 7 day followup call to make sure the customer has understood the terms and conditions of the policy. I called the customer at that time and again asked if they received all the materials, looked them over and if they had any additional questions. They hadn’t. This call was also recorded.

We at TOCO Warranty pride ourselves on our honesty and customer satisfaction. When I found out that the items weren’t covered I also placed a conference call with the mechanic and the customer to see if there was a resolution. Unfortunately, the type of work that needed to be done wasn’t covered, as clearly stated in the coverage given.
Reply to Mk

Jun 29, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Toco warranty sells warranties on the wholesale level. Toco can do this because they are selling their own warranty. Toco doesn't ask for down payments Toco doesn't lock you into contracts either. Got warranty is a third party company. That means when you go to them for a warranty that the warranty company has to get paid and so does Got warranty for selling the warranty. Got warranty will charge you down payments too. Got warranty is just a small warranty company selling someone elses warranty for a high price. Call Got warranty and see and then call Toco warranty to find out for youself.
Reply to Chris

Jun 13, 2013  from Alhambra, California
AW AUTOPRO? That company was awful. They currently are in the same building and operate under gotwarranty.com Same people. Same building. Same ***.
Reply to Steve

Jun 13, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
Are you implying that Got Warranty is still at 6837 Hayvenhurst Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406 and that Got Warranty, AW Autopro and Access Warranty are all the same?
Very Interesting...I always thought they were the same being in Van Nuys.
Reply to Bill G.

Jun 13, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
The folks over at got warranty aka global sting (the folks who posted the above statement)are upset that ToCo Warranty has found a way to change the industry. ToCo is simply the only company doing it right. Soon enough any company not selling the way ToCo is selling will disappear. ToCo is the only company that is selling plans without a downpayment and has the strongest insurance backing in the industry. Do not work with any company that sells contracts backed by an RRG insurance carrier. Unfortunately, companies like Got Warranty who posted the ad are unhappy with they way they are forced to sell service plans. High reserves/high downpayments...Call ToCo and compare!

Happy Consumer
Reply to Bill G.

Jun 19, 2013  from Henderson, Nevada
Having used a lot of these extended warranties I can say with some authority that I do know a lot about what they are doing in the industry. The poster above me is exactly right. These guys are (as far as I know) the only people in this industry who are on the side of the consumer and doing it ethically. I've talked to "got warranty" before, and I know for a fact that they are different companies. It sounded like a boiler room, and they even put a manager on the phone after I refused to make a decision right then and there!! Classic! I don't normally comment on these things, but I've had such a great experience with Toco, that I couldn't let some smaller competing company slander them over the internet without being held accountable.
Reply to M.L.

Jun 19, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
Are you 100 percent sure this is a legit company. I am going to make a payment tomorrow with them for my car. Have you ever gotten a car fixed through them many sat they the same company as av autopro is this true.
Reply to vincent

Jun 20, 2013  from Henderson, Nevada
These guys are probably the only legitimate company out there. They're publicly traded, so that's all that needs to be said. Seriously...some of the nicest and most helpful folks I've spoken too. These guys are owned by a huge insurance company that's been around for a lot longer than warranty companies have been in existence....so I'm not sure what the av autopro thing is about. Anyhow...go forward comfortably...nothing but good experiences on our end.

Nov 13, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Vincent they will deny your claim. They told me that I couldn't get my electrical fixed because I didn't do my oil changes like I was suppose to when I pay for synthetic blend. And the mechanics tell me that I shouldn't come in every three thousand miles and that I can go over two or three thousand and the mechanic told toco warranty that and they still denied my claim. The mechanic was someone they found and they still denied me. The mechanic cursed them out because everything that was wrong with my car was covered under the contract and they refused to cover it. I take good care of my truck and I put a lot of money into it and it hurts that I paid all this money to toco warranty/warrantech and they refuse to honor this contract. Well I am canceling they are ***!!! Insensitive ***!!!! Run people RUN!!!!

Apr 12  from Dayton, Ohio
bull *** i had to pay a down payment and i couldnt talk to anyone who does the paying of the repair bills. i ask to and they refused to let me. they are cheats and worthless I can't get a hold of anyone to cancel and get my money back
Reply to pmyers82

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