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  • by   Mar 23, 2008
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Company TLG Great Fun
Product / Service Tlg Greatfn
Location Sunnyvale, California
Category Airlines
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Monetary Loss

i never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $11.99 last week.
i immediately called my bank and put the charge on dispute and they will change my debit card.
i checked this company's name on the net and found that many people complain about that after they used cheaptickets.com. i used the same site to buy a travel ticket last summer. i dont know if all that is related.
the bank credited back my account with the disputed amount and i am waiting for the new card. so beware of all these scam and check your statements or online accounts 2ffe407

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Mar 19, 2013  from Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Contact your bank or credit card co. They all know about this, and will remove those charges---unfortunately you have to find out about it after the fact.
Reply to M

Dec 06, 2012  from Mobile, Alabama
:? VERY PISSED!!! $16.99 a month. Who are these people?????
Reply to bugz

Nov 17, 2012 
Tlg GreatFn has been taking $16.99 out of my account every month for 3 months and I have never done business with them. lo i tunes has been taking various amounts of money out of my account. Check your statements really well, we are being scamed. :cry
Reply to Teresa Stanhope

Dec 28, 2012  from Greenville, Rhode Island
I have absolutely no idea what this charge is!
Reply to tyahhh

Nov 10, 2012 
I did not do anything , they charged me 16.99
Reply to peng

Nov 08, 2012 
I am just realizing I've been scammed for almost $200 to these ***
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Oct 16, 2012 
These bas*ards charged over three years to my elderly mother's credit card, and the charges weren't found until she got sick and I took over her books.
It seems as though these acts are criminal and we should have some legal recourse to put an end to these practices.
Does anyone know how we can go against this company legally and stop these practices?
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Oct 02, 2012 
I just found out I have gotten these same charges from this TLG ***. I never sign up with these people. The first thing tomorrow I'm calling my bank and getting my stuff changed. the good part is they have olny gotten $2.oo out of me. I want let them get anymore.
Reply to Debra

Aug 23, 2012 
I was charged 15.99 and I have no idea how these people got my information. All I know is I called the number and got the "technical difficulties" speech. I don't sign up for stuff.
Reply to Faithe

Mar 06, 2012 
I am back with some new info to share. I called my bank and got two additional numbers for TLG Great Fun/ Shoppers drama. Here the phone numbers: TLG shoppers 1-800-526-4848. Great fun: 1-800-290-8603. If calling these numbers do not work as far as cancelling your membership. Y
ou can always call your bank or credit card company to cancel out your current debit/credit card and issue you a new one with new numbers. Thats what I did this morning. I am not playing games with my personal account information and neither should you all. Think ahead of these scammers out there and protect your financial information. All smiles :) and good luck.
Reply to Nati

Mar 06, 2012 
I amabout to fall prey for this TLG shoppers scam. They havent send me anything in the mail to decline their offers. So far they only charged two dollars. I am hoping that these phone numbers can help me cancel them out from charging my bank account. I am so worried. :sigh
Reply to nati

Mar 03, 2012 
who know, how can i get my money back?
Reply to gao

Mar 03, 2012 
it so bad, i did not anything about that,but it change me 19.99 form my CR... :cry
Reply to gao

Mar 02, 2012 
I have been charged 16.99 twice. How do I get my money back?
Reply to Brian

Feb 27, 2012 
they took 16.99 very time !! and it happens 3 times !!What a ***!
Reply to Hengchi sun

Feb 08, 2012 
I'm dealing w? the same BS- I called my bank about it- I hear there is a class action going on about this. TLG*GREATFN5074 is what appeared on the statement- I kept getting the *** ish in the mail asking to join Great Fun- I returned from my trip to NYC to see a overdraft charge and it was from them!
Please let me know about the class action!
Reply to Dan

Feb 07, 2012 
I actually had this happen through paypal but they charged 13.99 instead of 11.99 because i had a small or 0 amount in my checking so they did not recieve it. Then, after i recieved my payroll check it happened again all I can say is be very aware of what you are doing with your personal account information. :sigh
Reply to Kaylan

Feb 01, 2012 
I signed up for their services and every time I tried using the card nobody even knew what I was talking about so i'm getting charged for nothing!!!!!!!!! :x :(
Reply to phil

Jan 31, 2012 
I wish for your name or company to delete my account for I have no interest in doing business with you. Thank you for deleting your Business. Thank you, Nancy
Reply to Nancy Schmeiser

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