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Company TLG Great Fun
Product / Service Retail Shopping
Location Oak Brook, Illinois
Category Household Services
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I was receiving a $12.99 charge on a prepaid MC that I use to pay recurring, fixed rate bills(cable, internet...etc....) showing up from TLG GREAT FUN. The phone number listed on the charge was 800-272-7771. This number actually rings up a fairly nice guy working for PNY Memory who says he is getting ALOT of calls like mine.

Looking thru some of the older posts, I found 800-290-8603, which is a good number for TLG GREAT FUN. I finally got a live person on the phone and explained my situation. She said I joined thru CLASSMATES and that I was supposed to be getting a packet worth 100s of $ in discounts on travel, food, etc.......she said it was showing as mailed out in February. To date, I have never received anything from them.

Luckily, for me, it was a prepaid card and the money on it is direct deposited by my job and is usually gone by the 10th.

The lady I spoke with was very friendly and polite. She, of course, triued to convince me to stay as an active account, but I made sure she understood in no uncertain terms was my account to remain active.

I guess they post the bogus number to redirect peoples complaint calls.

1-800-290-8603 is a good number for TLG GREAT FUN customer service. 308064e

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Dec 16, 2013 
In order to receive a free 50.00 Walmart gift card from these guys I would have to sign a membership and within 30 days. I could cancel and still receive my gift card. I canceled and little behold a charge 16.99 came across my bank. I thought it was my husband. negative, they hit my bank. I called 1-800-290-8603 and spoke with Andy and told him my situation. At first he said he could not refund. Bull*HIT. I then gave him no option and he gave me a cancel number and is sending out my welcome package for the 2nd time. 7 days my money should return. Hate to be a witch towards people but it my money and I need it!
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Oct 23, 2013 
I caught the $1.00 from 3 of TLGs various companies. Each time I spoke to very friendly, polite non-US representatives. The call was recorded and I made certain that I had already alerted my attorney and action would be taken if I recieved even one more charge. Each time I asked and received a confirmation # for the cancelation.
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Feb 05, 2013  from Madison, Alabama
Yeah, I just got off the phone with them. Their automatic phone call said they had a High Call Volume and suggested calling BACK later and shortly after that message a guy picked up. He encouraged me to just cancel at the end of the month but I rarely go out and he said that yeah I didn't un-check a box that gave them the right to do this when I made an online purchase. Small print, be warned. Well he gave me my cancellation number and now I should no longer have to deal with this again. Just sucks cuz that was 16.99 a month since November and I NEED that money.
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Nov 23, 2012 
I was also charged $19.99 for something I did not authorize. I called and they said they would refund and gave me a cancelation number. We'll see if my acount is credited. I am so tire of these scams why can't they be stopped.
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Oct 12, 2011 
Well i am filling out fraud paper work on this company. They never had my permission to take money out of my account
Reply to Carmelita

Oct 12, 2011 
:( this company is bs. I called this company up to see why they keep taking money out of my account, cause they never ever had my permission to take any type of money out. You think they would take my name out of their system No they didnt. I had to cancle my card and get a new one. I dont even know how they got my info.
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Sep 18, 2011 
Please be careful with great fun. I worked with them, and it is really a scam..
Reply to siam

Sep 01, 2011 
Just called and thanks for all the comments and 800 number. As stated above demand more than 4 months they will give you 12 for credit. This is crazy that a company can get away with this. Ordered off internet shoebuy.com. It was automatically charged to card and small print says you have to call after 30 days to cancel.
Reply to Jim

Sep 01, 2011 
I was able to cancel the scam by changing my card number and telling them I was moving to a small town in Nebraska without phone or internet. Can you believe they tried to tell me that a town of 500 people has many great offers for savings?? Ticketmaster made this seem so legitimate. For shame, ticketmaster.
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Aug 31, 2011  from Sanandaj, Kordestan
I have been ripped off $12.99/month by this SCAM company for over 5 months without my knowledge
Reply to Alex

Aug 18, 2011 
I also found a random charge for 16.99 on my credit card from TLG Great Fun. I called to inquire about the charge and was told that I was automatically enrolled when I was registered for Thrifty Rental Car's Traveler's Advantage. I told the rep I'd never been told about anything about TLG and had canceled the Thrifty membership within the same week of enrollment months ago. He told me there was "no reason they should have to refund me" because I didn't call TLG to cancel (even though I had no idea I was even affiliated with this company). I asked to speak to a manager and was immediately offered a refund and my membership was canceled.

My suggestion: don't even waste your time with the puppet who will read off a list of policies to you at the beginning of the convo. Just go straight to a supervisor!
Reply to Jo

Jan 10, 2011 
:( I think we got hooked up with these thieves by ordering some Fushigi balls.
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Feb 25, 2010  from Hastings, Florida
Great Fun How the thief was win ? since 2007 and still stealing . If you want order cheap check book online , Great Fun will get you take caution, time consume : call the bank report, then the bank cancel card, then wait 10 day get new card,then bank investigate. why they're not going to jail, stealing from hard working people and sure they are not going steal money from lawyer
Reply to Tim Lee

Feb 16, 2010 
This TLG company is a total fraud and so is this Blumenthal running for senate in Conn.,
who is so busy telling the nuts in the nutmeg state how great he is when a fraudulent TLG is ripping hundreds of consumers off with these false credit card charges unauthorized by anyone knowingly. Why doesn't Blumenthal show he has the guts to shut TLG down immediately?
Reply to Don from Whiting

Feb 11, 2010 
Damnit! What a scam! F***'n thieves! Luckily I watch my money closely and caught it before too much damage was done. Just stay the *** away from all that ***!
Reply to Paul

Feb 11, 2010 
I fell victim also, my charges apparently started with a FanDango ticket order. My credit card was hit every month for 17 months (this card being a card that I didn't feel I needed to watch for bad charges, DumbASS). I called 800-290-8603, they say they will refund me 4 charges. Be persistent, talk to a supervisor, use the words "scam" and "report" as much as possible. Good Luck.
Reply to Kevin

Feb 04, 2010 
Reply to MARIE

Feb 04, 2010 
I had this charge as well. I was told that I agreed to 50% off my hotel charges through my booking on Hotwire.

They informed me that they sent me some sort of pack with deals etc and a form I needed to fill out and send back. After I send back that form, then I would receive my 50% discount on the hotel.

Well I never signed up for any of that, nor did I ever receive a pack from these guys.

I called the 800-290-8603 # and had a pretty easy time canceling my fraudulent membership.
Reply to Derek

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