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TLG Great Fun - TLC fun?????

Company TLG Great Fun
Product / Service Unauthorized Charges
Location Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Category Shopping
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I check my credit card statement everyday online because 2 years ago a company got me for $4.00 a month for nothing.After I straightened that out, I have been checking everyday.

I have no idea what this $14.99 was and what tlc fun is. I called them up and after a fight am suppose to get my money refunded. WHO are they I NEVER signed up for this!!!! They said that I did by checking off something when I bought something online.

I am very careful now because I have been had in the past and I DID NOT sign up or check off for this product and I still have no idea what it is. How is this legal???? WHO ARE THEY.

This is my grocery money because I was let go from a 4 year job because I had surgery.So $14.99 is a big deal with 2 teenage boys, How can they sleep at night?????? 308ba1a

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Oct 04, 2009 
well people this is what "cashless society" is all about. getting rid of cash and using electronic debits instead. SO THE COMMERCE MACHINE CAN TAKE YOU FOR ALL YOU GOT JUST LIKE THIS! ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR BANK AND CARD NUMBERS, THEY WILL TAKE ALL THEY CAN.
Also any website that has automatic checked boxes, it should be illegal if they are choosing this for you and you have to un-check them to keep out of it. hey maybe it already is.

also these fine print unseen terms that hook you in, should not be allowed as riders like this on other products. Their only method and intent is to deceive the consumer who is unaware in most cases.
So call your reps in congress and ask them to make it illegal. And/or your state legislature.
For sure, REPORT THIS SCAM TO YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE and see if they will pursue the scammers as using an unfair trade practice. If it is interstate commerce, and i think it is-- then it can go to a federal investigation, maybe even racketeering.
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Sep 27, 2009 
Charged $149.99-have never heard of TLG Great Fun. Disputing on VISA tomorrow.
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Sep 17, 2009 
They got me after I ordered some new checks from identity checks. He they said that I accepted their offer when I was closing out my transaction with identity i accepted their terms and was automatically signed up for program. Fortunatly the only got me for $12.99 and from what if read about getting a refund i will just cut my losses. Everyone beware.
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Sep 08, 2009 
Yes...They did the same thing to me. I literally just got off of the phone with them after checking my online banking and it showing that they have been charging me $12.99 for the last 6 months totaling up to $77.94. They said it was from some Avon products I purchased online. Also, the women kept telling me about a package that she was sure I have received...I never ever received anything but fraudulent charges from this dang "TLG greatFN" company! Then she blurted out a fax number telling me that I had to fax there corporate offices and request a refund. I getting ready to contact my bank and dispute this darn company for fraudulent and unauthorized charges!
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