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Time Warner Cable - TWC did not send gift card as promised

  • by   Feb 09, 2012
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Company Time Warner Cable
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Location Westmont, Illinois
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I switched to TWC 6 months ago with the promise of a $200 gift card if all criteria were met.I followed the instructions, mailed the necessary documents, waited the 90 days, then waited another 90 days and called multiple times.

The individuals I talked to always told me that would "elevate" the problem and have a solution in 2 or 3 days. Still have no solution and no gift card.

Sounds like a scam to keep you hooked up to TWC waiting for this imaginary Gift Card.Always very polite and condesending about understanding "my" problem, but never sent the gift card which would end the problem. 2e6ba8b

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Apr 06 
I signed up under the time frame where they were offering a $300 gift card. Went through all the hoops and sent all the documents.... received a $50 gift card instead. They get you to switch then ***.
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Mar 31 
i got an email that my $50 card shipped but it never arrived. repeated attempts to contact TWC & tristarfulfillment.com have resulted in no reply.
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Mar 29 
I was offered and "guaranteed" a VISA $150.00 gift card by a TWC agent for programing promotion. They said I was to receive a redemption code in the mail. I would then put the the redemption code into twcbetterreward website. Keep my account 90 days in good standing, and in 4-6 weeks I would receive my gift card. TWC never sent the promo card so I called numerous times referencing my call with agent and her id number. Every agent was telling me my account didn't qualify, but I did speak to a supervisor who said I qualified as he read the programing promotion to me and would pull-up the recorded call. He said he would make a case number and escalate to gift card department. I would be contacted within 5 days by the manager of the gift card department. Giftcard manager never contacted me (1 month), so I contacted them. Dialed and was stuck on automatic hold for 30 minutes, so I said screw it. I called and spoke to a TWC supervisor and demanded they credit my account for 150 dollars or I will file with the FCC and BBB. They put me on hold for 2 minutes, and he apologized and credited my account for 150.00. My word of advice, is be very persistent and keep records of all the agents/supervisors and ticket numbers. Also, ensure the agent notates the account for any gift card promotion they try to offer. You are likely not to receive a gift card in the long run (they use it as bait and hope you forget about it) but if you are very diligent you are entitled to receive... Show more
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Mar 03  from Dallas, Texas
to the lady who said " read the fine print"...When you are given a redemption code and it says you have followed all steps and a reward card will be processed..that should be enough. This is such a scam, but I will not quit until I get what was promised. I have had the exact same as all the other comments. 90 days in good standing, then will be sent out 4-6 weeks later. 3 calls later with wait times up to 45 minutes, 3 on-line chat, all to be told the same thing. Our vendor is the hold-up.. This is a total scam!
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Mar 01  from Rumford, Maine
I too signed up for a bundle in October of 2013,and was promised a $200 Visa card. I sent in all of the approiate paper work,and to date, March 1,2014 I have received nothing, except higher monthly charges!! This is a rip off!
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Feb 23  from Atlanta, Georgia
No company in their right mind would give anything away free. It's only to get you hooked. Charter had the same thing when I moved into a new house. I wasn't taking the bait, because I knew soon that special price will be jacked. So went with HD TV and internet. If anything, I bet the sales person that you contacted gets it. All you did was help get the sales person a free gift card for taking in another sucker.
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Feb 23 
I feel like you we promise $500 gift card from time warner cable since nov,2013 here its feb 23 2014 no card i wish someone will sue them never know it may be me.Real sad work have lie to keep there jobs
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Feb 05 
Been waiting nearly a year for my $300 card. When you call the rewards card #, they give you the runaround too. Time to go back to land line, dialup Internet and rabbit ears
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Jan 30  from Corona, California
I am here to let you all know that TWC promised a gift card of 200.00 for switching over my ATT UVerse and Dish TV. 100. per switch, and if I kept my bill in standing order for 3 months, which I did. Now they say I do not qualify? and the same *** I am reading on these comments ring true to the way they have responded to me, being very sorry and understanding and offering a 50.00 gift card. They messed with the wrong girl. I have been ping ponged with Gwen(TWC Manager) ID # 438, Julie(TWC Manager) ID# QJU and Alan, who make promises of getting back and resolving this issue, but now I will call TWC in New York @ 212-364-8200 at the Corporate level and Email the BBB. I will not stop until they rectify this issue with me. Trish a very very unhappy customer
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Jan 23 
Its a scam,ive been getting the run around since August. :cry
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Jan 19  from Summerville, South Carolina
We were promised a $300 gift card and never received anything ! My husband called TWC and was told you will not loose it I still have not heard , it has been since July 2013. We have tried to cal;l many times and no answer!
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Jan 15  from Lexington, North Carolina
How come the amount varies from 50.00 -200.00? I checked today nothing as of today. :cry
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Jan 15  from Lexington, North Carolina
In Lexington North Carolina we are suppose to get only $50.00 rewards card and no one seems to be getting them they say it was mailed out 1/6 and it's 1/15 now so we will see if we ever get it. :sigh
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Jan 15 
Time Warner Cable Corporate Contact
Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-364-8200
I have been having the same problem plus more! This was my only solution! I called and spoke with a customer advocate, if this doesn't work, I do believe a class action lawsuit would be appropriate!
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Jan 07 
I went to the better business bureau on line made a complaint and had a call in two days and my card sent out.
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Jan 06 
same issue twc commits fraud on American soil and is currently getting away they should be behind bars if any citizen stole cable they go to jail twc commits false advertisement and steals currency from the consumers who use twc and tries to get away im requesting that everyone who was lied too report to the head state internet cable commission about twc they need to be caught asap the ceo should be in jail
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Dec 26, 2013 
Ditto on this posting. I finally got transferred to someone at TWC who could 'expedite' my complaint. They advised me that Tri Star could not locate any $200 cards and had transferred my rewards to a $50 card. The Attorney Gener ,) a needs to be involved in this. It is a big scam.
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Dec 19, 2013  from New York, New York
I am a current Time Warner Cable customer and I, too, have experienced the grievance of trying to obtain my $200.00 rewards card. I became a new customer of TWC in May 2013 and was excited to know that I would receive a $200.00 rewards card after having paid my account balance in full and on time for 90 days and, thereafter, would receive my $200.00 rewards card in the mail within 4-6 weeks. That’s what was promised, however, after waiting and waiting, I never received my rewards cards. So, I began making telephone calls because I held up the end of my bargain and expected TWC to honor their end and send me my rewards card. Well, after calling several times to inquire the whereabouts of my rewards card, I was forwarded to the Escalation department. I have to say that after that, everything was smooth sailing. On December 4th, I spoke with Michael in the Escalation department and, after reviewing my records, he agreed that I should have received my rewards card by now. He stated that he would send an email to expedite the process to have my rewards card mailed out to me. I, in turn, asked him to have his Supervisor call me. Doreen, his Supervisor, called me the same day and stated that she would see to it that everything was processed to mailout my rewards card. On December 10th, Michael called to inform me that the Marketing department would be sending out my rewards card and that I would be receiving it within 3-5 business days. I am happy to say that I received... Show more
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Dec 17, 2013 
We all have something in common….Time Warner welched of a promise to me for switching my service. Like others I did not get a card, promo card, etc.
How do you deal with a lying mega-company for a promised $200…
Several times I've been told that you will receive a call from us in 7-10 business days, etc.
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Dec 06, 2013 
Time Warner is scamming me out of the $300 reward card. They are making up every excuse they can. I signed up when they were advertising this deal and I asked the salesman if I would get it. He confirmed I would. They are liars and fraudant. If you see this advertised turn the other way! Go Verizon!

Sue Wilson
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