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  • by   Dec 28, 2012
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Company Time Warner Cable
Product / Service Cisco Digital Cable Adapter
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Category Media
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After 4 hours with Time Warner tech unable to set up adapters on 2 TV's.They then suggested a tech come to our home.

He was here for 1-l/2 hours and did the best he could. We were left with 2 remotes for each TV. In one room the adapter remote will only change changes but will not turn TV on or off or control volume (have to use the original remote for those functions) and on the other TV have 2 remotes. The adapter remote controls volume & channels and have to use the other remote for the rest of the functions.

We have all flat HD TV's. Also on 47" TV will not hold the stretch picture but will revert to letter box size picture each and every time you turn the TV on. We have tried several times to talk to TW tech's over the phone and they do not have any solution to this problem except to turn in our adapters and go to standard digital boxes which are just $9.95 each per month. We have 2 TV's we haven't even tried to do any thing with but if we go to standard it will cost about another $40 per month which is unexceptable to us.

In that case we expressed to the last phone tech we might as well go to satellite TV where she said basically "it is what it is and there is nothing she could do". Very, very, very frustrated and getting quite angy - but perhaps we have no other alternative but to DROP TW once and for all.

Also was informed just this morning they are talking about dropping our CBS channels by December 31, 2012 - just 2 days from now.Happy New Year.q 305f971

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Jan 11, 2013 
yes it is what it is because the analog channels take up 3xs more space than digital HD channels so they have to do something to keep internet speed fast and telephone lines clear... everything is coming into your house thru 1 coax cable trying to run tv,internet,and telephone... sucks.
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Dec 29, 2012  from Raleigh, North Carolina
wow....thought that was only happening to me. Those adapters are for the birds the whole process is unnecessary anyway. It's all just a money maker for twc. At and T
needs to get off their butts and offer more service to the entire Raleigh NC area and put twc out of business. With at and t internet who ever heard of having to wait until a slot comes availalbe for high speed internet in your area. That's one reason they haven't already taken more of twc customers.
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