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TheTaxClub - the tax club is a SCAM!!!!

Company TheTaxClub
Product / Service Tax Services
Location New York, New York
Category Household Services
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The tax Club located on the 60th floor in the Empire State Building is a complete scam. If you go on legalzoom or fileinc websites and set up a corporation. At the very end you will find an option which asks if you want to set up a free tax consultation. if you select this, your information will be forwarded to the Tax Club where a guy named Bert Seither will call you. When you think this is for a tax consultation, it is not. Bert Seither will give you some basic idea about a corporate tax structure then will want to charge you $1000 dollars for the tax clubs services. Thats what happened to me. He tries to sell you something you dont need. stick to your CPA and Tell Bert at the tax club to shove it up you know where.


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Oct 18, 2008 
Amen! And notice how they have a BRAND NEW Public Relations Campaign on all the Business Websites, offering to help DROWNING Upstarts!!!

File a complaint with your Better Business Bureau if you've been ripped off. What a horrible company of idiots and telemarketers.
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