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Thermospa - Service Terrible, Saleman not helpful, Fire Hazzard

Company Thermospa
Product / Service Concord Model
Location Ft. Myers, Florida
Category Products
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Monetary Loss

I purchase my Concord Thermo Spa in 2006.Happy at first then I found everytime the power had a glitch I had to re program the spa.

To drain the spa, you had to open up aside for the valve or use a sumpump to drain. As I got older it was harder & harder to climb in the 38" tub (i'm 5'3"). Six years latter it developed a leak. I contacted the company to get a dealer to find someone to fix it.

I got the run around and finally was told the dealer to repair the spa was in Cape Coral, Fl. some 60 miles away. Called him up and he told me he could walk me thru the proceedure to detect where it was leaking and possably I could fix it myself. Called the salesman up again and asked what I could get for a trade-in for my unite Price (paid $7,300) He offered me $3,000 trade in.price for new spas started at $9,000.

Bought a different spa. When they halled the spa away the floor under it was completely rotted away from being wet, wood was not treated. The entire inside under the spa was full of mildew and the electrician disconected the wires while water was dripping on the live wire. No ground was in place so we could of had a fire.

No one want to take the spa in trade and just junk them. 2e44e57

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Jul 16, 2013 
Seems that you did not hire a professional electrician and did not follow the installation requirements. How is that Thermospa's fault? Did they send the electrician? Because they sure did not do that when I bought my spa. I've owned a used Thermospa for over 10 years, and it still works and looks great.
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