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The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Sweepstakes Audit Bureau Scam

Company The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau
Location Madison, Wisconsin
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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Beware of a scam that claims you have to send $5 for a Research and Data fee to win $12,000,000.
It has a return address of P.O.Box 549012 Dallas, TX 75354-9012
Of course there is no phone number.

They make it look real authentic, but don't be fooled, no sweepstakes will EVER make you send money for a research and data fee, what a joke. It's sad that they'd prey on people in these hard times. If you recieve this in the mail, I suggest you report it to your local Postoffice and/or the police.

Scam-companies should be stopped from stealing money from hard working people while they sit back and do nothing but laugh at us.They are criminals and should be punished to the full extent the law allows. 308c919

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Jul 18, 2012 
Just received the same letter and knew right away this had to be a scam being that I have never signed up for a for anything that promised $12,000,000,00. Just wanted to post so people know this is still happening! Reporting to my police station and post office today! I sure hope they stop these idiots!
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