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The Family Doctor - Howard Levy, D.O. - Yucca Valley, CA

  • by   Jul 23, 2010
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Company The Family Doctor
Product / Service Incopetent Doctor
Location Agana, Guam
Category Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
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Howard Levy, D.O. is a ***. His license is suspended in Michigan and he is on probation in California. He gave a deposition in a lawsuit wherein he admits having sex with his patients in the exam rooms. His soon-to-be ex-wife actually installed hidden cameras in the exam rooms a few years ago to catch him boinking on tape. He has many complaints and the Osteopathic Board let him off with probation. He is still feeling up his female patients and harassing anyone who files a complaint even going so far as to sue them. He finally killed a patient after injecting her back with Rooster extract in a controversial procedure called Prolo-Therapy.

Do NOT see this guy alone! The IPA he belongs to in Moreno Valley, CA refuses to remove him from their panel of doctors, even after being found guilty and being placed on probation.

PARENTS! DO NOT let this guy do a SCHOOL PHYSICAL on your child - male OR female. They are done in the locker room at YVHS and it is a SHAM. Your child could DROP DEAD on the track from an undiagnosed condition as there is no real exam done. 3030de1

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Sep 25, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
howie, meet me at our usual place for lunch, our favorite table, missed you last week. So many things to say for old times sake.

I'll be waiting at out usual place, can't wait howie. take the day off we'll go to big bear for the day.

weighting for you' like old times b

ti ==
Reply to judy

Jul 31, 2013  from Palm Desert, California
Sharon....the TRUTH will set you free.>>>> Your time is coming!!!<<<<:p
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Jul 30, 2013  from Rosemead, California
Sharon....Your LIES are catching up with U NOW!!!!! :p
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Jul 30, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
You have sooooooo much anger and hate in your tone, for sure you are levy and arlene,,,,,,,,,,,,so funny, funny funny

uh huh :( :(

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Jul 29, 2013  from Palm Desert, California
"the ex-wife"........
just look at your last 3 messages. You tell us it is YOU then you go ahead and use the same wrong writing showing you the writer of the other messages too!

.......It is really a shame that you have to have an imaginary town that loves you and wants you back"""""!!!!!!!!!!...

WE DON'T WANT YOU, CARE ABOUT YOU OR TRUST YOU"""! YOU will use others just like you used me!!! This town knows the truth about you! JUST GO AWAY.....STOP ALL YOUR *** and go tell someone else that believes your lies!!!! :eek :eek :x
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Jul 26, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
Ms. Levy, she was a joy to have in the office, loved the patients, very caring and respectful, for the Dr.'s wife she was very humble,
there isn't anyone that can say a bad word about her, no one, so don't believe a word of what people have said, it comes from the jealous wanna be that lives with him,,,,,,,,,,,,,sick menapausal angry bitter person, she treats people like second class citizens, where did he dig her up from
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Apr 17 
I agree. I know both of them personally and Sharon has such a kind heart and it's sad that her heart was broken because Howard is a pig.
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Jul 19, 2013  from Joshua Tree, California
Well she doesn't have to pay anyone, this town adores her, and so does doc levy,,,,,,you smell the roses arlene,,,,,,,,,,,,he'd dump you if she said so,,,,,,,,he's just angry he's living with you

you disgusting *** a
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Jul 19, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
Someone is really really upset with ms levy,,,,so jealous,
ms levy IS A LADY,,,,,,,FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY,,,,,,,,obviously who ever is writing these nasty things,,,,,,,,,,ARE WITH NO CLASS, LOOK AT THE GRAMMAR,,, LOOK AT THE ANGER,,,,,must be that low life arlene and her little elves,,,,,ha ha

okay little elves we know who you are,,,,,,,

low life trailer trash,,,,,,,oh and I mean trailer trash,,,,,,,you forget where you came from,,,,,just because he's a doc doesn't
make him God nor you who wipes his ***
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Jul 19, 2013  from Palm Desert, California
Sharon...take your **##****###### and put it elsewhere! Everyone knows this is just you covering your self! You can point your fingers everywhere but the real place...at yourself! Class??? NO!! you are a figment of your own imagination! The truth is much dirtier, isn't it? No matter what you say or post, its just you trying to make everyone think what you want!!! You are no longer my friend and I'm going to make sure everyone knows it and knows what you really are!!! Take your lies to somebody who wants to believe you! I know you are NOT the person you claim to be!!!!
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Jul 19, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
What the heck, now they are attacking ex mrs levy, boy that is the lowest of the lowest,,,,,,,must be the new mrs levy, she is so jealous and can only wish she had half the class,,,,,,,,

ex mrs levy,,,,,,,,,you have a fan club,,,,,,no one has the right to mouth off without ever knowing you,,,,,,,you go girl this town loves you,,,,,,,,,,,,come back come back make doc levy the man he can be,,,,,
Reply to danny

Jul 19, 2013  from Palm Desert, California
This town does not love her! You don't even know the truth or you wouldn't be saying these things! Wake up and smell the roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hah,,,how did she PAY you????
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 19, 2013  from Yucca Valley, California
You know by the looks of Dr. Levy,,,,,,,,,he doesn't care about himself anymore, when he had his wife he always looked so good, but with the witch he lives with it's obvious he has lost it. Her face would stop a truck in it's tracks, not what he was used to, I think he would turn the clock back in time if he could,,,,,,,,he probably misses the good life. the sweet lady.

And to anyone who wrote evil things about the mrs,,,[ex] nobody who knows her can only say wonderful things about her

Jealous jealous people........ :grin
Reply to jeanie

Mar 29, 2013  from Indio, California
I am a patient of Dr. Levy and have been for a long time. Dr. Levy has taken good care of me and has always been very professional. I am very thankful that he has been my doctor all these years. He is a good doctor and takes very good care of me.
Reply to Debbie

Mar 18, 2013  from Twentynine Palms, California

Mar 18, 2013  from Twentynine Palms, California
Reply to ETAN

Mar 22, 2013 
Since his divorce he has been a mad man, hope more people speak their mind
Reply to Mary

Aug 24, 2012 
Doc Levy has never been anything, but kind and attentive. I don't care about his personal life and neither should anyone else here. He diagnosed and treated me correctly.
Reply to Anonymous

Aug 09, 2012 
Wow check out Dr. Levy every Wed at Johns Place
HE HAS A NEW LOVE,,,,,,,it's no secret, he can't stop smiling, they make no bones about it.

Don't think the old one knows yet, but she will.

That one was a rebound but whatever it takes to
make him happy.............FINALLY..MAYBE SHE'LL HIT THE ROAD
Reply to Happy Patient

Mar 22, 2013 
Arlene, of course you post good things, you are his live in, but he has many others, go to the no tell motel,,,,visits on weekends when you think he's working
Reply to Tina

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