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The College Network scammed me and now i owe $5000+ for a loan and no degree. I was tole they were afiliated with Excelsior College and Indiana State Unibersity. Both of which were lies. Add comment

  • Jun 15
  • Education
  • Valrico, Florida
  • Nursing Program
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My nephew is hard working first responder and was conned by this female rep. She has great training to open a sale....make you believe they are honest, closed the sale in mins. She has conned several at least a dozen fire fighters here in Florida. time to speak to the State Attorney Generals in all states to go after this fraud. they are not affiliated with any college but their brochure... Read more

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No return call to resolve issues with school or testing . Unable to afford to continue and credit is difficult to repair Add comment

The college network is a rip off. I signed up better never did the course. I got one set of books and yet they are still wanting money back. I never used the money. They say it is still there for me to use but when I try to they say I can't use it. Add comment

I was told the same that in 18 months i could get my RN i had to take pre req's first and any help i need would be available to me. Any questions would be answered.after 7 years of not getting any help i found out that i wasn't even enrolled in excelsior college and that was a whole other process. That was NEVER explained to me. I was misled and taken a advantage of Add comment

Lisa glaze. I just got served with papers. Being sued. I never could get any feed back for class or test. Can someone plez help Add comment

  • Feb 10
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Carson, California
  • Bachelor Degree Nursing Program
  • 271

I signed up with the understanding that I would receive a BSN degree from Indianan State University that would lead to licensure in the State of California as a Registered Nurse. After enrolling in the course, the College Network lost its agreement with Indiana state university, I soon after found out that they were not accredited in California. Several months later, I received a phone call... Read more

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  • Feb 03
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Nursing Program
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It is really sad that a company can steal so much money and nothing and no one care to stop them. Life is hard without an education and to be taken advantage of. Like this is awful. I signed up for the nusing program back in 2011 and 3 days into the contract wanted to cancel but sales person stated the deadline had passed. I was given false information about the program from the beginning. I... Read more

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I just got a call from a debt collector that say I owe 10, 000dollars to the College Network for school that i never took or never received books or did anything as a matter of fact they were informed that I decided not to goahead with school D/T health problems I was having. I will get my attorney on this matter. Add comment

  • Jan 13
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Bellflower, California
  • Education Materials
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I was approached by college network during the final days of LVN school in Los Angeles. I never received any books or class log ins. I even stopped payment on the $200 downpayment and called them to cancel but they said my 72 hrs had already expired and I have to pay the $10,500 student loan. Its damaging my credit. They are suing me but the court date was pushed back to 2017. Is there a class... Read more

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