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The Cleaning Authority Chattanooga, TN Fair Warning

Company The Cleaning Authority
Product / Service Cleaning Services
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Category Landscaping and Gardening
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Unless you want to hand two lazy, slow women $186 and then clean your home behind them, steer clear of this business which amounted,in my case and in my opinion, to theft.

Very, very shoddy company service. I will warn as many people in Chattanooga, TN to steer clear of these bums by any means possible.

Oh yes, they lightly cleaned two bedrooms (missed vaccuming under the beds)that did not include changing sheets, two bathrooms (all countertops cleared)and ran a vaccum over a hall and the dining room. The main living area was left virtually untouched.

I cannot express enough the outrage these people are perpetrating on unsuspecting people. My husband took the day off to be at home with them and paid them. A woman would have told these two lazy, slow creatures to go jump at what they expected $186 for.

I won't be suckered by these shysters again. I despise handing a *** an honest wage. 30292a2

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Feb 18  from Chattanooga, Tennessee
They cleaned our house ONCE. LAST TIME.
Very dissatisfied. Office staff stinks and hard to get scheduled.
Reply to jack

Sep 21, 2011 
I am not happy with the Cleaning Auth. in Tucson. They expected a lot from their customers but were unable to keep their own agreements. I have a small home. I am recoverying from Cancer and need quiet. However, I was told that three women would be in my 1600Sq. foot abode. I was told this at the last min. I was also called the day before and had their appt. time rescheduled twice. They would have charged me if I had done this. I do not reccomend the Cleaning Authority in Tucson.
Reply to Sarah Tomassetti

Jan 20, 2011 
The Cleaning Authority in Chattanooga has been cleaning my home for the past 3 1/2 years. I have been extremely satisfied and have referred them to many of my friends. The most recent of which asked me what I thought about this comment on this website. I thought I would post my response for the benefit of other readers. Ihave found them to be professional, courteous, honest and hard working. They have never missed a cleaning appointment and on the rare occasion something was missed, they promptly sent an inspector out to correct the issue. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of their teams and have never been disappointed in their attitudes, personalies or work ethics. I find it curious that a person who hires someone to clean their, obviously, very dirty house would refer to a person who cleans homes every day for a living, lazy!
Reply to Mary

Jan 16, 2011  from Bethany, Illinois
While $186 is a sum of money. The question is what was the condition of the home prior to them arriving. You told us what it looked like after they finished, but how dirty was the house prior to them showing up. There are always two sides to every story. In addition every customer expects a perfect miracle clean the very first time. I'm not in the house cleaning business and Thank God for that because there are way too many picky a$# customers with dirty pig styes in that business.
Reply to a concerned individual

Dec 24, 2010 
I am happy with the work the Cleaning Authority does. If they miss something the owner comes back and fixes it.

I am thankful to be able to rely on the job they do. They are good people to deal with.:)
Reply to nancy v.

Oct 28, 2010 
I have used TCA for approximatley 5 years now and I highly recommend them. The last time they cleaned my kitchen it was the cleanest I've EVER seen my stove. I hate to hear that the previous customer had a bad experience. However, they have a 100% guarantee and will send a supervisor out to hear your concerns and make it right. I have referred them to about 5 other customers and I ususally get all the thanks for what a good job they do.
Reply to Jennifer

Jul 22, 2010 
Horrible, home was actually worse after they "cleaned". Waste of money and time.
Reply to Amy

Feb 19, 2010 
Reply to cannot believe I gave them 2 y

Jan 11, 2010  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
hey - they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Did You check with the manager there? Most people say cleaners clean too fast.. Your saying they cleaned too slow? Sounds Like Your place was dirty, and took long time!
Reply to John

Jan 08, 2010 
Because you were not there to actually see the work being done ,or to ask them specifically to address your personal needs while they were there. I would not qualify this as a valid complaint.
Reply to James Eng

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