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The Art Institute - AI is a scam, violated housing laws and student contract

Company The Art Institute
Product / Service Education
Location New York, New York
Category Education
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I attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia.They blatantly lied about the transferability of their credits, quality of education and reputation during the enrollment process.

They violated housing laws by not providing me with a working HVAC for an entire year in student housing. I had no heat or AC, but they still feel they are justified in charging me 2,500 a quarter for housing. I complained many times and the problem was never fixed. They even went as far as to bolt down my windows.

I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against them.Do not go to this school as you will be stuck with a useless degree and very high student loan debt. 30b4707

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Mar 27, 2013  from Salt Lake City, Utah
I have read most of the comments here and 100% agree the art institute is a scam. I come from a poor family and i was the first member of my family to go to school. In high school I had a 3.7 gpa and the Art Institute was no different i made the deans list and presidents list, I worked my *** off for my associates from "instructors" that claimed they had little to no experience (they actually would say that to the class).

also I was paying a lot of money that I wasn't told I would have to spend, we're talking hundreds of dollars on supplies that I was told if I bought this starter kit I would save. The starter kit was 1500$ and it had books I didn't need, and various other supplies that went unused even after my graduation. All that did was make them extra money.

My brother died and I was dis enrolled for missing two weeks even though I cleared it with the dean and my instructors before hand. (I was allowed back in, but the point is that should never happen to anyone)

I was promised a career, but they won't even give me my diploma until they get their money. This school is responsible for ruining my perfect credit and good name, destroying my dream, throwing me into massive debt, and wasting my valuable time.
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Jan 30, 2013  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Im sorry . :sigh i hit wrong button . What the above poster says AI is a scam is 100% correct!
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Mar 20, 2013  from Clarksville, Tennessee
Took my son to Nashville AI and all they did was lie to him and wife ssi and wanted us to pay so much money to them is was a joke thanks for all the post so at least my son is only out 50 dollars and not a bad school and every dime he has
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Oct 27, 2012 
I had a problem with this school too they told me that everything would be covered there would not be loans and when I keep calling them to solve the problems of not telling me the information on why I had to pay they told me that I signed for the loans and are forcing me to pay for the costs that they had promised I would not have and are causing me a lot of problem and troubles also even though I had completed my classes and withdrew from the school they all of a sudden told me you can't transfer the credit that you have and keep trying to convince me to stay I'm live with a family of 5 and only one of us works so we have a low income yet when I when there to talk about how to pay they lied to me about how I could go without have to get anything extra like loans when I attend and also every time I call they keep trying to push me to another person or try to convince me that I had to pay anyway and that they told me about the loans when they haven't told me a thing about it.
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Jul 12, 2012 
I am sooooo not going to this school anymore!!!!
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Jun 22, 2012 
This is great! Im so glad I have come across this. I was struggling in life and and I am extremely talented in art. I filled out a form online just to see whats up. As soon as i hit the submit button, My phone rang. BIG WTF. they actually just sit there and wait for people. I get called non stop ( not knowing about all this Ai conspiracy) $89K for media art. I just went today for a 1 on 1. Its ghetto as Fu*k! Ai oh Philadelphia. They are really pushing it they want me to go to school there really bad, scheduling appointments for me to come back and area extremely persistent. Im dumb i paid a $50 fee for a *** f*ucking form and honestly i dont even want to go there after i saw this!! The recruiter tells me... "how would you like to work for Disney, work for video games" Hmmm your promising too much! Fishy!!!
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Jun 21, 2012 
I work for Eventbrite game company and all Im gonna say is The Art Institute doesn't care about you, all that school wants is your money. The game industry NEVER hires anyone from that school. My boss says to get rid of all applications that have the words Art Institute on it.
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Jun 21, 2012 
I wish I never attended the Art institute of Pittsburgh!! I went for game design. Although it seems like a good school when I went to visit for orientation, it was all a scam.All they wanted was my money. The Faculty and staff smiled in my face and i fell for it. They promised me a job after i got my degree, i didn't get one. Employer basically laugh at me when I tell them what school I went to. Now Im broke, still paying off loans, and cant get a job. Please take my advice and don't go.
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Apr 13, 2012 
I start at The Philly Art Institute Oct. 1st. For my Bachelors of Science in Fashion Marketing. I'm super excited to start but after seeing this I'm a lil on edge.
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Feb 20, 2012 
These stories bring back a time when I interviewed with AI of Philly for a recruiting job. I was sought after heavily for a period of several weeks, brought back for numerous interviews, called constantly to come back and meet someone else. On the last interview, the person who had been pursuing me did a 180, acted completely cold, and went out of her way to keep me from coming into contact with certain employees. I found out later that one of the employees I wasn't allowed to speak to had already been hired for the job I was interviewing for. I have no clue why I was still being drug into the city to keep interviewing for a job already filled. IDK if there was some speculation that the person chosen wouldn't work out? Still, I hate lack of honesty in the interview process. If a candidate says anything that leads a company to doubt even the smallest piece of information, you are sure passed over in a hurry. Too bad some employers like AI doesn't realize it goes both ways.
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Feb 10, 2012 
I just transferred from Ai Va Beach. DO NOT GO THERE. I am a filipino/white female & I have dealt with so much racism as a housing student there. The director of housing, who is black, tried to make me do 25 hours of community service because I had a friend over past "curfew." But my room mates, who were black, proceeded to rip up my bills & any other mail I received (which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE). Not to mention the constant white girl/cracker remarks ... & after all of this & a number of complaints, the DOH didn't do ANYTHING about it. So unfair. Not to mention the DOH actually spread a RUMOR about me to all of the staff there & even my RA/students ... Ridiculously immature.
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Feb 02, 2012 
I cannot believe I did 7 years of military service to waste my gi bill at this ghetto ***, high school quality "college" The va beach school is tiny, the equipment never works, and its a predominately black school. The dean must be racist because all of the teachers, staff, even student workers are all black, loud, and ghetto! Biggest mistake of my life!!!! Its a scam, dont do it! You will not learn anything, something will ALWAYS be messed up with the financial dept, theyll always have a random weird reason why youre on hold because you have to pay them MORE money!!! I hate my life every single day here!
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Dec 09, 2011 
This is the biggest waste of time and money. My boyfriend got the 10k scholarship, lost it and now they are making him pay it all back. Scholarships are gifts and you shouldn't have to pay that back. I am beyond mad. I am horrified at everything I've read about this place.
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Nov 22, 2011 
Even as a Senior with a 3.7 TOTAL GPA, I feel like I am not comfortable going into the real world with this lack of confidence in my education/knowledge gained from my instructors. This AI campus is fairly new..... I have been taught "high school quality" education and have been the "GUINEA PIGS" of the my major. They have changed our classes/credits so much, that I was fortunate enough to not have been victim of, but I know of friends who took certain classes that were "required" to graduate at one time, and have been revised so many times that it is not considered a "class" anymore, so basically it was a waste of money AND effort for the students involved. Another "tactic" I believe the school gets money from the students.

For as long as I have been a student, I have seen many crooked/under the table/gossip/rumors that keep circulating about how the school runs. I honestly wish I would have never came to The Art Institute. The quality of education and lack of professionalism is unbearable. The $100,000 I am giving to The Art Institute was the worse decision of my life and I regret every penny.
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Nov 15, 2011 
Job placement? I really fell for it. I thought I was paying for something other schools maybe wouldn't offer. This school took what I love best art and design and has turned it into a debt. I've applied for the past 7 months to every where in the north west and areas in the south. Perfecting my resume, sending it to career service at AIP...jobs found from AIP! Lol! A big fat joke! Let's see, I have a bachelor of science in industrial design. So you would think a CADD position, fabrication? Product design..furniture? No. Summer 2 months doing art with kindergardeners $1,200. An UNPAYED internship. Now just recently...working with an Independant artist for the past four weeks. Just last week told me not to come into work and he would sent me the 200$ dollars I worked for. Two weeks later no call, email, no money. He said family financial problems. Which could be true. But, I don't know what they call job placement! The economy is ruff right now especially when you are an entry level designer! But here I am worked at a restaurant, and driving a cab paying off $106,000. Do not go here if you do not want to be 22 and paying an amount as expensive as a house morgage.
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Nov 14, 2011 
If I could take it all back I wouldnt have ever fallen for their deception they claim 90.4% job placement in video production more like .09% they consider working in field is like running a projector at your local movie theatre as working in the field and $23,777/yr do they honestly think that is enough to live off of that's what the school costs yearly as well. Lucrative career my *** this school is a joke I wonder if they got used to lying to people so much that they believe their own lies
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Nov 10, 2011 

Yeah, maybe all the other students here are just lazy. Sure.

Or maybe some of us just aren't born rich? Or have too much going on, or no experience, so we can't get 2-3 minimum wage jobs to try to pay our way through school?

You are one of a HANDFUL of exceptions.
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Nov 10, 2011 
I attended AI online back in 2004 and after completing almost 2 yrs they contacted me and told me that my student loan amount had been reduced and i would have to come up with close to $700 a month to continue. Obviously I did not have that kind of money, hence the student loans, so i was forced to withdraw. I am now being harassed daily for $13,000 in student loans. I believe they went ahead and charged me for the courses even though I was forced to withdraw. They did nothing to help me continue my education and I found out later when I applied to The Herron School of Art that my credits were useless so now if I go back to school I will have to retake all of my Freshman studies! I agree with the rest in saying this school is a scam! It is so disheartening to know that I will have to pay back the $13,000 for them and in order to get a degree worth something I will have to take out more loans.
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Oct 04, 2011 
I just found out my $57,000 dollar loan may not be enough to cover my tuition cost for an associates degree. I have been attending for the last few years, and this is just now a problem. What a freaking rip off, can you imagine a $57,000 debt and not even an associates!!! Do not waste your time.
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Sep 29, 2011 
Get out while you can. DO NOT come to this school. I feel like a terrible person working here.

This school does NOT care about you. They are a FOR PROFIT company and only care about your money.

Guess what? Your $80,000 degree is garbage. Good luck getting a job and making the huge monthly payment on your student loan debt.

This place needs to be shut down by the government. I hate myself everyday for working here and am trying to get out.

Bottom line: You are being ripped off. DO NOT go to this school. Look into a community college!!!!
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