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TELECHECK is ruining my CHRISTMAS!!! \=-(

Product / Service Christmas Gifts
Location Paintsville, Kentucky
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Went to pickup two layaways at KMART, had to do 2 separate transactions, one a check, one in cash, could not do them 2gether with one check.I had other purchases to make.

Took my items to the register and was denied by TELECHECK. I understand the security issue, but what about me?? I spent over 2 hours in that store choosing other purchases for CHRISTMAS plus the travel (gas)! Now IF I want those items I will have to go to my bank in the morning, make a cash withdrawal, travel back to the store and hope those items can still be found!


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Dec 22, 2011 
I would have LOVED to have been able to use my debit/credit card on this day.. Problem is it had to be reissued due to being hacked online. My information had been compromised and I hadnt gotten my new one!! SHEW!! I TOTALLY understand the security issues. I also know that everyone is gradually being forced to make purchases with plastic and checks will be nonexisting. But for now, thats MY $$$ TELECHECK is TELLING 'ME' I CANT SPEND or get to! BAH-HUMBUGG to TELECHECK!! The new SCROOGE!! \=-(
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Dec 22, 2011 
Telecheck answers to nobody, not even Santa. Use a credit card or debit card. Checks are almost out of use and should not be used in public, due to high risks.
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