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TELECHECK - Check denied for reason 02, code 3

  • by   Jun 15, 2013
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Product / Service Denied My Good Check
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I tried to use my check at Walmart and was denied.I have no bad checks out.

I usually use my debit card but decided to use my check. I was embarrassed that my check was denied because you know the people in line were thinking I was a bad check writer. I had the funds in my account and used my debit. The point is that Telecheck should NOT have the right to say which type of payment I use to purchase something.

It is my right to chose what I want and NOT be embarrassed by something that isn't my fault. Too bad we can't sue for defamation or something.

They should be reported to the BBC.Think I may just do that. 2ef2f2f

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Sep 15, 2013 
Whoever that anon is down there is a total dumb*** you have every right to use the payment type you want. Thinking that we all need to start an anti-telecheck movement and boycott businesses that use their company.
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Jun 15, 2013  from Manassas, Virginia
It's 2013! if you usually use your debit card, then why didn't you? You must be trying to cover something up, if you would rather stand there, write up the check, hold up the line up, when you could have swiped & go without being embarrassed. You must have done something in the past for Telecheck to give it a reason 2, code 3. IJS :?
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Sep 30, 2013  from Tulsa, Oklahoma
I see why you logged in as Anonymous I would too with a dumb answer as yours. People have the right to use whatever payment method they want, she could have lost or misplaced her debit card, what grand cover up is that..you have a screw loose dude...
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Oct 29, 2013 
Not everyone is trying to hide some thing or done some thing wrong when there check is declined. I would have used my card if the bank had of mailed it as they said!
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Jun 15, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
You certainly have the "right" to use whatever form of payment you wish. However, WalMart most certainly has the "right" to refuse payment in a form that could be fraudulent---and if Telecheck questions your check, then they do not have to take it from you. Don't blame WalMart. Blame telecheck. Or, do a I do and not shop at WalMart to begin with. They are rude, inept, and have no customer service worth a red cent.
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