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Telebrands - Rabbit TV is a complete waste

  • by   Oct 23, 2013
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Company Telebrands
Product / Service Tv Channels
Category Television/ Radio
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Yes, I do own it. It was OK for a couple of months, now they've gone and changed their lineup and its all BS and ads now. One of our favorites was on their list of "World TV Channels," ... "Sky News." Up until yesterday, I was able to watch Sky News live as it was broadcast. Today, SKY News is gone and the page displaying their available lineup is different and many channels are gone. The ones that are still active, including the U.S. news channels like CNN or MSNBC are either requiring you to subscribe or only offer short video pieces instead of live streaming.

This sucks and I'm pissed off. I want to take a *** on the heads of Rabbit TV people, then *** in their mouths for good measure. It seems like almost everytime we find something good or something we like, it gets taken away after a short while.

Screw them, don't buy it, run the idiots out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 304a792

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Oct 29, 2013  from Watertown, Wisconsin
did not like rabbit tv hard to actually c a movie most were just trailers
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