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Taylor Brunswick Group Scam Hong Kong

  • by   Jan 22
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Monetary Loss

My Ex Husband and I worked all of our lives owning our own private medical practice. We both decided it was time to take care of our future by investing and making the greater difference for our families and their futures.

We did our research and we came across the Taylor Brunswick Group. We felt like the Taylor Brunswick Group were the real deal when we spoke to them, they offered us a plan that seemed like it was perfect for our future plans. After a year it was clear that the investment plan was not what it seemed and in fact started to eat away at our hard earned life savings.

To sum it up dealing with the Taylor Brunswick Group has broke up our marriage and destroyed any chances of me having a financial future, as they have scammed us out of all our money and I am now facing losing the home that I have lived in for the past 17 years and watched my children grow up in.

The Taylor Brunswick Group have destroyed my life and I can’t stand the thought that adviser I first signed up with Lloyd Smith is living the high life off the commission he stolen from us.

I really hope people stay clear of these suited criminals as they are the biggest thieves going and have really ruined my life.
I have lost my husband ant the life I used to have so please dont trust these *** artists.

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Jan 24  from Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Sar)
I have also had running’s with the company constantly hassling me to take part in one of their products. When will they get the hint and Fu@@@@@@@@@@@@ck off and just leave me alone?
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