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Target Debt Card Scam, My US Bank Account has been hacked and fraudulent charges have been taken from my bank account.

Company Target
Product / Service Debt Card Fraud
Location Santee, California
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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Monetary Loss

Target has failed to protect my Account information and I have reported 5 fraudulent charges against my bank account.Target says it is US Banks responsibility to search out the source of the fraud and US Bank says it is Targets issue with protecting my account info.

So I am left stuck in the middle. US Bank says the Charges were made at a Target 600 miles from where I live. And Target says I did not sign the sales slip and have the name of the person who did. Yet they still have not stopped the continuing purchases.

And claim it will take a least 7 days to research the fraud and only after the bank refuses payment. Which requires me checking my account daily and spending hours on the phone with Target and my Bank. I am now being charged $35 by the bank for each time I file a stop payment against a unauthorized charge. Is this not very very bad service by both Target and US Bank.

A very unhappy Customer... 2dea745

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