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Discrimination at Target

Company Target
Product / Service Discrimination
Category Customer Service
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I try to shop at Target as much as possible because they are usually more black friendly.Today however was a whole different story.

Got followed around by some Mexi-*** security dude. Knew it was one cause I saw his face constantly all over the store. Reminded me eerily of George Zimmerman. I finally had to say something and he tried to claim at first that he was not following me, but then discreetly admitted that their had been a lot of packages ripped open in food as of late and they were under orders to investigate and crackdown.

I know he was following me because he suspected me of doing it and he followed me all over the store not just food.I went and spoke with the black manager of the store over it. 2f3c087

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Nov 11, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
You shop there because they are usually "more black friendly." Quite the racist comment coming from someone claiming discrimination. Get the chip off your shoulder.
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Nov 08, 2013  from Easton, Washington
LP at all stores seems to be OUT OF CONTROL. I have seen these LP following around all kinds of people and the one's I think they should be following 'Not'. Strange why do you need mom,dad,grandmom,6 kids all shopping at the same time running all grabbing at different stuff they never really empty the entire CART they always leave stuff in the cart then the ringer starts ringing then they rearrange the cart? I have even seem them take from one bag and put other stuff in right in front of the cashier I get a *** white circle (alarm) left on my purchases I completely empty my cart I pay for everything and I have some LP *** in the parking lot asking me to come back inside to deactivate!
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Nov 07, 2013 
F YOU B I T C H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB WELFARE S C U M !
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