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Swiss Colony - do not order from here if you care about your credit

Company Swiss Colony
Product / Service Holiday Food Gifts
Location Reston, Virginia
Category Food Delivery
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Monetary Loss

WARNING!!Do nt deal with this company if you plan on ordering using their "line of credit." This *** will remain on your credit for 14 plus years if you miss a payment or have some dispute.

I had them on my credit report over $30 measly dollars as a negative item which I have tried many times to remove. They are quick to add negative items to your credit report, and are not interested in lifting any fingers to resolve your account. To make it worse, I have had them RESET my "delinquency" another 7 years after the 7 years already passed when it should have fallen off. I am getting a lawyer.

I have called their *** customer unservice center to get no help at all..since the balance is so low, they'd rather NOT HELP ME, as they already recooped their loss in a write-off, and meanwhile this *** remains on my credit. This should be illegal.


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Nov 08, 2012 
WRONG! that is how i will start this. FIRST of all, we give NUMEROUS chances for people to pay their bill. we call almost EVERY day, if you as the consumer do not respond remember that when you are ordering that you are committing to the terms and conditions, so READ THEM!! you are given WELL over 100 days, numerous phone calls, and chances to make a payment plan in order to resolve the issue. it is also your responsibility to let us know if your phone number has changed. when you are dealing with any creditors, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. do not blame the company for your irresponsibility. i work in the ONLY call center for the credit lines so i know the information i am giving is truth. regardless whether it is 14 dollars or 30 dollars it is your responsibility. for your information, we do not report to the credit bureaus AT ALL unless you are turned over to an outside collection agency!!! of course they are not going to take the hit off of your credit bureau report we gave you something that you didn't pay for in full which means that you may possibly be untrustworthy and other creditors should know that. As far as saying we are incompetent, you are using indecent generalizations because i know 90% of the people who work at my call center, i take personal offense to that. i know for a fact that if you were willing to work with us we would be willing to work with you. BOTTOM LINE: pay your bill and you will not have issues with your... Show more
Reply to Credit Specialist @ Swiss Colo

Jan 15, 2013  from Temecula, California
Credit Specialist, I'll ***, how can I contact a Swiss Colony Specialist who is willing to work with my decade old dispute on partial delivery and partial payment issue? Last gal I spoke with a few years back when I first found out there was an outstanding unresolved issue ended our call by hanging up on me.

I have been in the Customer Service Technical Support field for over 30 years, phones can go both ways, I never raised my voice or said anything that would offend. Basically Virginia (I believe - too long ago) asked why the entire amount had not been paid off so many years ago - I explained that there were 2 issues with my order, first off after placing my order as I had for so many years prior, It was declined. With only days to spare I used your sister company Figi's which I know you can verify. Copied my address of receivers and placed my order.

Swiss Colony then without notification accepted my order but only shipped out partial and it arrived after Christmas.Only a few of the folks received their items from Swiss Colony and there were no other shipments pending.

I contacted Swiss Colony when the billing came and made what I had considered reasonable payments and called again wanting resolution to the disputed amount. Never received any further contact and actually forgot about it. My belief was it had been resolved.

I would like to see it resolved, frankly I miss my Swiss Colony ... Show more
Reply to Curious

Mar 06, 2013  from Saint Louis, Missouri
Curious, please contact our company again and ask for a supervisor. As for the deliveries after Christmas, they may have not been in stock or they were not ordered in time. Alot of these items have ran out of stock and we won't know that until your order is released by credit then sent to the warehouse, then they contact us in CS and inform us they are on delay or no longer available. Normal delivery time is 7-10 days so we need that long to get them there so if ordered after there is not that many days left then you have to pay expedited s/p fee's to get them there in time, also if you use the choose and charge acct then we need 24-48 hours also to review your acct and get the order released then the ship days go into effect. Best to shop and order early. Christmas catalogs come out in Oct. Hope this helps!
Reply to CS Supervisor

Sep 13, 2013  from San Juan Capistrano, California
Items that aren't any good should be subtracted from the bill. There are some cheesecakes that are tastless or greesy, and some of the ham orders are very salty. Many of the other items are just too small and not worth what they want for them. Some of the prices need to be brought down or else make better quality items and a bit more in the package so that they don't remind people of sample sizes.
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