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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse 's False Advertising

Company Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Location Lowell, Massachusetts
Category Shopping
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I recently got this voucher in the mail for $400.00 credit to purchase supposedly a new laptop (brands stated Dell ,Compaq ,Toshiba) All I had to pat was $239.00 plus S&H ($61.35 which I did not know about until after the fact) When I received it via UPS ,the laptop was scratched & dinged which made me realize that it was refurbished.Unknown in the advertising .The laptop was charging for 24 hours .It will not turn on .My check was already cashed .

How can consumers be protected from false ads ?I am very upset Please help 3030cc3

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Mar 18, 2012 
I agree they should let the customer know if they will owe a C.O.D. when they recieve
certain merchandise-same thing happened to me! But overall i have been pleased with the quality of the products i have ordered & (Knock on wood) haven't had any problems,sounds like maybe i just got lucky. The previous comments have made me skeptical about ever ordering again. Thanks
Reply to Nicole Dee

Mar 05, 2012  from Bexley, England
you two are both as phony as the Easter bunny.. your scam business has been busted.. better start looking for work elsewhere scumbags.
Reply to contour1

Nov 23, 2011 
@Rose - the insert that tells about the laptop and desktop products it says REMANUFACTURED and REFURBISHED in the descriptions, I was just looking at that. It also says 100% satisfaction guaranteed... so maybe you should send it back and either get a refund or replacement??? Good luck!
Reply to Desiree

Nov 15, 2011 
I've ordered many items from sweepstakes clearinghouse and been pleased with each one.I also ordered a laptop,changed my mind and sent it back,had no problem getting a refund.Happy customer.
Reply to babyjane22

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