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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse - Sweepstakes Clearing House

Company Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Product / Service Dell
Location Reston, Virginia
Category Shopping
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Monetary Loss

I received their notice that I had "won" a $400 voucher towards a list of items.After shopping around, I thought the balance of $259 for a laptop was a good deal- was I ever mistaken!

What I got was a beat up, used laptop that looked like it had been dragged through a dump. The brochure NEVER told me that it was used. These people are NOT Publishers Clearing House (a legitimate company), even though they misrepresent themselves as such. I attempted to contact them by phone, but surprise, surprise!

You can't actually talk to a person and there is no option for complaints.

It is a scam.Stay away! 30b44eb

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Mar 28, 2011 
If I were you I'd file a complaint with your states attorney general and let the government investigate them for you.I have done it before and it works,they look into it and get the matter solved.Roy Cooper and his office does a great job!
Reply to JoAnn

Feb 28, 2011 
Official Notification" >>>>>> MARK "G" for garbagepail.
just received mine today. Had to destroy. Mission: affirmed. :p
Reply to zeetboy

Feb 28, 2011 
They should send you another gift card to see if you fall for the same mistake twice...you seem that dumb. Do your research. Dont do anything(purchasing wise) with a company you know nothing about!!
Reply to The voice of reason...nope...i

Feb 28, 2011 
It says right in the add that it is a refurbished computer. I looked at this flyer I got and the first thing I did was look up scams on the internet. I am surprised most people don't do that before sending money to something that is obviously too good to be true.
Reply to J.G.

Dec 16, 2010  from Kholargos, Attiki
Are you really that *** as you have written???
Reply to Marksmilitaria

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