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I ordered a 32pc Freedom Cuisinart from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse and got it

Company Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Product / Service 32Pc Freedom Cuisinart Cookware
Location Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Category Shopping
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I ordered a 32pc Freedom Cuisinart cookware set from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse on the law-away plan and I paid for it in full around 2 weeks ago and recieved my set on February 4.Didnt have any problems with shipment or any c.o.d.

Now all i need to do is cook and see how good they work. Sorry for anyone that has complained with not getting their items. All i can tell you is to keep calling them. Dont understand why your not getting your items or having any problems.

This is the first time I ordered from them too.Every time Ive called they've been real nice and helpful. 300fe4b

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Apr 15 
I just got my vouchers and went straight here to see the reviews. I think the Freedom set would be great to get as one lady posted that one pan cost $100 without the vouchers! From all the reviews I read, I think it is a great savings with the vouchers.
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Mar 29  from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Im so greatful i came across this web page. Thank all of you. Spending my money aon a legit site like amazon,nomorerack or 6pm.
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Feb 04  from Brooklyn, New York
People before you ever buy anything do some research!!!. Everything P.C.H. is selling is not even close to the retail price. For example DVC HD DIGITAL CAMCORDER. They say its national reference retail is $499.95. So you receive the $400 fake check they send you so your left paying $99.95 plus tax and shipping. Well the same camcorder is sold EVERYWHERE online for $40.00-$65.00. They are not here to give us money they are here to make money. Question, do you know anyone in the business of giving away money to the general public? Well i don't. Maybe you can school me if you know something i don't. Why would someone just say here is $400 go buy something. WAKE UP CALL. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!! Sorry to spoil the surprise for you but i just hate seeing people scammed out of there hard earned cash. Please don't make *** decisions. Think before you buy.
Research Research Research. That's why GOD blessed us with the internet! :eek
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Apr 15 
Thank you Rock Star for your wise post! It was really helpful for me to make the decision whether to take advantage of this offer or not! One can go to the store and purchase a set and save on shipping and handling cost!
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Dec 09, 2013 
I've had this cookware before and had no problem with them. I gave the set to my mother because she needed news pots and pans. I just received another coupon for the same 32 piece set and I ordered it. I love them and they are dishwasher safe.
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Oct 31, 2013  from Welches, Oregon
OMG since 2010 = 2013 Not sure if I was scammed or how bad.
:zzz $400 Vouchers from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse declaring not the big winner, but Winner of Consolation Prize with Various Options of Items you can use the Voucher for. My Case, I chose the 32pc Freedom/Cuisinart Cookware (Stainless Steel) valued at $489.95 with my cost after shipping & handling totaling $103.02 which I Paid in Full at time of order (cleared bank 9/26/13)Received Cookware yesterday, 10/30/13.
:eek NOT CUISINART COOKWARE - AFTER much Time and Discussion with Cuisinart and Sweepstakes Clearinghouse it was finally stated the FREEDOM COOKWARE is Manufactured by Sweepstakes Clearinghouse (SCH). Told the $489.95 is based on the National Reference Retail Price. I've seen Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri(?) Cookware Sets on sale for less than $100 and considering buying prior to receiving this Winners Voucher in the mail.
The Cookware Looks Beautiful, except all Handles have multiple minor scratches. One handle is Seriously Pitted. Unknown if the Aluminum core carries up the sides of the pans which is relevant to the Quality for even heat distribution. -
Pay Shipping to Return OR Paying Shipping to Return the pan with the pitted handle plus include $9.95 for Return of Replacement or Repaired Product (OUCH!)(Cost $41 for original shipping)... Show more
Reply to Weary Woman

Aug 28, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
I want to tell you I ordered the cookware from the sweepstakes clearing house too and one of the frying pans had the handle laying in the box. I wrote an email to sweepstakes and I got a replacement in a week! seriously, they were great about it. No questions asked, didn't want the broken pan back, just sent me a new one. I think that was wonderful. We need to hear something good once in a while.
Reply to sue

Nov 18, 2013  from Kansas City, Missouri
I want to know how your cookware has held up. Please let me know how you like the freedom cookware and if it really is stainless steel. Thank you.
Reply to Rhodia

Jul 14, 2013  from North Reading, Massachusetts
i have also reviewed the prices and it is sooooo scammish it isnt even funny!!!! Sounds great on paper but plz look at what your buying, mostly with the electronics b/c it should be an investment and not a headache
Reply to p'd off

Mar 22, 2013  from Decatur, Georgia
total scam
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Mar 08, 2013 
I called first to make sure this was a real company. I sent a money order to do the lay away plan. Then next payment, was to just pay it off. I received in within a week.
Yes at first I thought the pots and pans were ALL Cuisinart, but looking harder, yes it was Freedom pots and pans. Still, being a 5 ply, it is considered all clad. It is well worth the price. Its a beautiful stainless steel set. Nice large sauce pans and skillets. Being the 5 ply, you dont need to cook things on high as with other kinds of sets. It does state, not to cook on high. It says to cook things on med. or low. Following the instructions, you wont burn your foods. Far as eggs...heat pan first, add your oil, then your egg. Perfect!!!
As with any stainless steel cooking set, you do have to learn to cook a little bit different if your used to cooking with Teflon. Even a cheapy set of teflon would cost you as much as this set. And you dont get all the extras. Just a set of the stainless steel measuring cups at BBB would set you back 20 bucks!
So they are not Cuisinart cookware, its still a beautiful set. You can use them in the oven. With the lids. Unlike other sets. If you are on a budget, and want to feel like a gourmet cook, I would pick this set up! I do not regret my purchase! Great deal!
Reply to love the set

Feb 26, 2013  from Terre Haute, Indiana
I ordered the stereo system a few year back. Never had problems with it
Reply to Landy

Nov 15, 2012 
everythign I have gotten works and has been good quality, sometime sthey ar eslow i delivering but that happens
Reply to kre

Oct 04, 2012 
so glad i started researching prices and found this site. SCAM!
Reply to heather

Sep 25, 2012 
:cry If it weren't for my smart phone I would've bought them thanks everyone.
Reply to wes

Aug 18, 2012 
Publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes are about the same price as normal but gives you a layaway monthly plan if limited income or pay all together, a great idea for less income and qualitt f
Reply to Sandra fisher

Jun 27, 2012 
I have got a nice set of earrings from them upfront. I liked it. I think you can find all prices on the internet and compare them . I will buy a camcorder from them because they include a lot of digital imaging software. I have got my $400 coupons today. Cool.
They have the same prices like any store ( amazon, kmart, etc:) but they make you feel happy and feel like a winner!
:) :grin is it bad? Good company, good positive people.
Reply to BT

May 30, 2012 
i received the vouchers also today 5/30/12.
glad i read the reviews here on line.
thanks, folks....appreciate it so much.
will save my money!!!!
Reply to carolyn

May 25, 2012 
we've been doing publisher's clearinghouse...and when we got the credit vouchers in the mail...i thought it was publisher's c. house...how dumb am i!
Reply to robin medlock

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