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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse - bought new dell laptop and got refurbished one

Company Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Product / Service Dell Laptop
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Category Shopping
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I received an add from Sweepstakes Clearing house for a new Dell laptop in December of 2009.Paid for it in installments- $500.

When it came in the mail,it was a refurbished Dell Laptop. I was incredibly disappointed, expecting a new one. There are scratches on the screen. Worn spots on the touch pad and beside it from long term use.

On the bottom you can see where labels have been removed. This is not what I paid $500 dollars for. I am going to ask for my money back.
I will never do business with this company again.

I will report this to the Better Business Bureau and the authorities.

The original ad had to be returned with my order, but it did not say anything about refurbishment any where. 306f488

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May 31, 2011 
Even though I am very concerned about this company, and afraid I won't receive what I ordered and paid for, I do have to say that it says very clearly in the description of the computers that they are refurbished. However, I had to be told about that by someone else before I looked for it and finally found it (in small print of course).
Reply to Claudia

May 13, 2011 
Yeah this is definitely your fault, you ***. The fine print was right there, and Dell didn't have anything to do with the offer, it was Publishers clearing house.

Enjoy your used computer
Reply to Santoro

Feb 04, 2013  from Albuquerque, New Mexico
It was not Publishers Clearinghouse.. It's Sweepstakes Clearing House.. BIG difference.. and Yes they are pulling Bait and Switch... Stay Away
Reply to Wolfie

May 06, 2011 
Thank you everyone for your feed back as I was going to order the cookware and after the complaints I made my decision, not to do any business with this company,.
Reply to Dorrie

Jan 06, 2011 
As stated, the word 'refurbished' is contained in the not-so-small print.
I wouldn't buy anything without checking the company on-line first. This website supported my misgivings...you DO indeed get what you pay for! :sigh
Reply to Zippybrit

Aug 02, 2010 
We received dell laptop and you would have thought someone ran over it. It was very used scratched up, it looked awful. We returned it and now they are saying they never received it. We have to file a claim! I will never order anything else from Sweepstakes Clearinghouse,it is clearly a RIP OFF!!!!!!!
Reply to JJALLEN

Jun 30, 2010 
To Mickey,
The add clearly states that the dell is refurbished. It says"Remanufactured to 100% performance Standards" so don't expect a new one! I you did your homework you would see that they are not selling this type of computer anymore and refurbished are the only ones available.
Reply to tmhall27

May 03, 2010 
It says in the brochure that it was refurbished, I know this because I received the offer in the mail as well. Read the fine print before you purchase. HAHA! :grin
Reply to mickey12gauge

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