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SuperCuts - Super Cuts SUCKS

  • by   Jul 11, 2011
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Company SuperCuts
Product / Service Fired
Location Roslindale, Massachusetts
Category Beauty Centers and Spas
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i Worked For Super Cuts for about a Moth and i Started to Notiece that they dont Care about Any Employee but theyre Company and theyre SuperCut I.a Girl got fired Because She Was trying to Get her Point across to the Company on how she Didnt receive her 100$ Check when She refered Someone.

So Just because she was Getting her Point Across on how its still 6 months later and She hasnt goten her Check they fired her the Nwxt day and she will No Longer be working for any other SUpercuts in the States. i Would at times be 2 Minutes Late but i take Transportation so either i am going to be extremely early to work or a few mminutes Late. and Just because i Called and had said i will be about 2 Minutes Late, i Was Fired. Like Really?

For a Few Minutes Not Counting how i stay another 20-45Minutes after Closing? Reallly?i Take it somewhat of a reality check because i Was Late a Few times but it would of been nice for her to see that im still a God *** Good Receptionist even though i was 2 Minutees LATE and called to say i was coming late.

But *** you Super Cuts and Most of all *** you Cassie :) You are one of the most 2 Faced Persons ive ever Met, your the Definition of 2Faced and Ignorant.And thats all Folks, but try at your own risk on working at S.C 3069536

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Sep 09, 2013  from Laconia, New Hampshire
I made an appointment with Super Cuts a little while back. I go in and then they tell me I have to wait an hour before I could get my hair cut. I called a reserved a spot for a reason and I wasn't late either. It was clear that they were choosing favorites with their buddies and making other customers wait for them. I call the corporate number and they decide to call me a back a month late!!This is the most sloppy business ever and I will never go to anyone of them again. Just FYI this was the one in Belmont, New Hampshire. Never go they have are horrible at cutting hair too, no skills just bums. :(
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Feb 17, 2012 
Correction I meant to say I knew it was not a good hair cut I just did not realize how bad it was until it dried... I am still mad about my hair and have to find a real professional and pay a lot of money now to fix this if its even possible without having to have a god damned boy haircut now!!!
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Feb 17, 2012 
I asked for long layers... keep the length just frame the layers so I can still work with it. I got SEPERATE LAYERS!!! I cannot believe the women did not even blend it at all and the worst part was I did not notice til I knew it was not a good cut but lucky for her I didn't know quite how bad or she would have gotten a hair cut herself before I left!!!
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Nov 09, 2011 
We love SUPERCUTS in Royersford. Our boys are crazy about the girls who cut their hair. Football on tv while we wait. What could be better? :)
Reply to Family guy

Nov 08, 2011 
We love the Royersford Supercuts ! Much of the staff has been there for close to a dozen years and we feel like family when we walk in the salon.
We refer all of our friends to the salon. I guess being late to work on a regular basis and thinking that is ok is why you no longer work there. Funny, you'd think with times being as tough as they are one would make sure to get to work on time...
Reply to Really?

Aug 14, 2011 
SUPERCUTS BLOWS!!!!! stay away, they are HORRRRRIBLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Reply to xoxo

Aug 13, 2011 
Hey it dont matter if the girl can spell or not the point is Supercuts SUCKS they only care about their pockets
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Aug 13, 2011 
yea supercuts sucks they fire all their employees so they cant collect unemployment. our owner Marci can go ---- herself
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Aug 05, 2011 
The bus leaves at 9:00 not 9:02.. Looks like you missed your short bus

Jul 22, 2011 
Got one of the worse haircuts of my life at SC a month ago and I even brought in a good picture as reference on how I wanted it cut. It was like the hair cutter took everything I asked for and gave me the exact opposite. I hope she enjoyed herself because she lost a customer and so did SC. My haircut looks like it was done by a gorilla with hedge clippers... :(
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Jul 18, 2011 
Wow Anna.....you just made youself look like a dumbass. As for the poster....I feel you, but late is late. *** em, and move on, cause I bet your manager would have been replaced in a few months.
Reply to terri

Jul 12, 2011 
Wow! You say that you are a good reciptionist, but your grammar & spelling tell another story!!
Reply to Anna

Jul 12, 2011 
I just have one thing to say. You said that you were a good receptionist, but your typing,grammar, and spelling say different.
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i worked for supercuts as a stylist for a few weeks, the owners completely blow..they pay you $8 an...

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