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Company Subway
Product / Service Sandwich
Location Abilene, Texas
Category Cafes and Restaurants
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I try to take the family out for a meal and have been eating at area subways for a month now ordering the same thing at each location with a bill generally in the $11-12 range.Today at the Snyder Texas Subway the bill came out to $22 so I immediately knew something was amiss.

When I asked for the itemized receipt I discovered that each condiment and meat was added on to the price of the sandwich. So a bacon-turkey avacodo which was advertised in the window today was $6.35 plus the bacon was extra (twice), the avacado was extra (twice) and then they added chips although we didn't ask for or receive any chips. When I asked for a correction I was told each item added to the sandwich was extra, over and above the price of the sandwich. So I guess at this particular restaurant a bacon-turkey-avacado was just for the bread ($6.35).

Now I doubt if the subway corporation knows about this scam nor do they condone such behavior. In any event, we asked for a refund and left and went elsewhere. I suppose the bulges in the employees pockets were from all the wads of money they had stolen from their customers today.

But none was mine:) I don't know how to report this to subway inc but I hope they read this and get crackin' on the perps at this restaurant carrying their logo in Snyder Texas. 2d3786c

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Aug 26, 2012 
How can I put this clearly?! Subway Corp. does not care about you or anyone else! Do you know how many bullsh- complaints they get everyday? I had a customer that said "I've been reporting you to Subway because you've been out of spinach" It's the manager/owners responsibility of how the store is ran. It's a FRANCHISE! That means the one person or more OWNS THAT STORE. But they still have to follow corps. rules.

About the refunds, I doubt the employees will be stealing customers money and putting it in their pockets. They probably had to take THEIR money to give you a refund. If I caught my employees doing something like that, they will be fired and searched for any money they've taken.
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