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Stryker sells substandard knee replacements

Company Stryker
Product / Service Knee Replacement
Location Tampa, Florida
Category Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
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Update added by user Sep 30, 2013
We have reached a satisfactory settlement on this matter
Original review posted by user Feb 22, 2012

My fiance had a knee replacement and it was a horrible, painful surgery. He had problems thereafter and one night two years later hobbled in and said, "There is a screw coming out of my knee." I looked and there was a screw pushing from inside his knee and he could not bend it. Next day, the surgeon who had performed the surgery turned white when he saw the x ray of the screw backing out inside his knee. My fiance had to have a SECOND surgery to replace the screw and plastic parts in his knee. It was horrendous and doubly painful the second time.
We decided to get our out of pocket costs back from Stryker, the maker of the bad knee. We have called and called and spoken to the Stryker attorney, who made us a ridiculous offer of less than 1/4 of what we spent in copays at the hospital and other expenses. But that told us that they know they are liable. We declined and gave her an offer, still way too low, but they should have jumped all over it.
Now Erika, the Stryker attorney dodges our phone calls and does not call back anymore. She thinks she can out smart us on this and that is not going to happen.
My fiance suffered greatly due to their malfeasance, lost a month of work, spent money out of his pocket to have this knee revision and had to have a 8 inch cut in his knee a SECOND TIME!!!
If your doctor ever tells you they will insert a Stryker knee or hip when doing a replacement, RUN AWAY. They sell bad products and will not stand behind them. 3069a76

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Dec 30, 2013 
I have had 9 surgeries and 8 months ago I got a partial knee replacement of course by the end of 3 months it had completely become infected and rejected so I needed a total knee again I found out on 12-27-13 stryker for the total well I fell 2 1/2 weeks ago the 2 screws I had in from a previous surgery had become bent and again I needed revision surgery so now I have 1 3/4 screws out of my knee what should I do?
Reply to Azaral

Oct 23, 2013  from New York, England
This is a rather strange story, cause there are no screws used in a general total or partial knee implant. A knee implant consists of 3 parts : femur part (upper leg), a polyethylen inlay (plastic part) and a tibial (under leg) part. No screws or plates are used.

Also in a revison case, no screws are used, only some tiny screws to fixate wedges to replace lost bone. But this are really tiney screws.

This is pretty much the same for all knees, like knee from dePuy/J&J, Smith and Nephew, Biomet, Link, Zimmer and also Stryker.

I do think the stryker knee is the better one because of the single radius concept, it gives more freedom during movement, is less constrained an has shown to cause a bit less pain generally.

Good luck
Reply to Alfredo Bini

Oct 07, 2013  from San Francisco, California
Stryker has one of the best track records in the world compared to all other major knee implant companies (this is from several independent registry data bases that many countries keep track of all compnies implants that are implanted into patients). If a screw came out of your knee, this was most likely due to your surgeon repairing something else that was damaged, as most knee implants do not have screws in them and really dont need screws in them. Much of the problems have to do with bad surgeon techniques, not necessarily the implants (although in rare instances there are recalls for failed implant designs). Surgeons are just like carpenters, there are good ones, and there are BAD ones. I work in the operating room, believe me, just because someone has an MD after their name does not mean they are the best at what they do, they might be book smart, but have bad technical hand skills that can affect the long term results of your surgery. REALLY do YOUR research when chosing your surgeon and go with someone who does A LOT of that type of procedure, not just because you were referred to him from another doctor or friend. Remember, implants are not magical solutions to your pain, you have to work hard after surgery to get up and get going again or your scar tissue can build up and prevent you from progress in the future and can cause pain. Joint replacements are VERY big surgeries and the recovery is different for everyone and can be very painful. Not everyone does well... Show more
Reply to surgery worker

Jan 15 
A great answer by someone who has stood by the surgeon during the procedure and has product knowledge beyond the normal patient.
Reply to Director of Materials Manageme

Aug 24, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
we do not have to carry a card. Just tell them. I think it is a common thing these days to have joint replacements.
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 31, 2013  from Beckley, West Virginia

Aug 24, 2013 
I have one of those cards and TSA won't except it, they still have see the knee paints rolled up and warn it. I am a disable vet with a military disability card and have work in the defense field for 35 years with a high clearance, ever since I got out of the military. They wont except any of these cards So good luck
Reply to l. guy

Sep 17, 2013  from Waldron, Arkansas
Yes it does, luckily my doctor issued me a card with the photo of the knee replacement, his name and number and the date of the surgery. Going through the airport,I tried to give these people the card that I had handy, they ignored me until after the bells and sirens went off. I was pulled aside and searched, patted down and scanned with a hand held scanner. All the while my open luggage, shoes ect. rolled off the end of the moving belt while I stood there embarrased and everyone staring like I had a bomb on board.
The larger airports had the body scan machine and it was just matter of fact. Good luck!
Reply to Barbie

Mar 05, 2013  from Clearwater, Florida
I had Bi-lateral TKR, with Stryker knee products two years ago. I have had no problems at all, and I am very happy I chose to have both knees replaced at one time. I think the Stryker products are fantastic. I think most problems with TKR are due to the doctor and people not working hard enough on rehab. When it comes to rehab of a TKR, one knee or both knees, remember no pain no gain.
Reply to R. Padgett

Nov 12, 2012 
I had my first knee replacement at 42 years old. It was a Johnson and Johnson knee. It failed right away. First knee was 2006. Knee revision in 2008 with a Stryker knee. Spent 3weeks in the hospital That knee failed ALSObdo to loosening. Third knee revision 2010 with another Stryker knee and this one is also very painful. Getting a bone scan to see if this knee is a problem too. I'm so tired of knee pain and knee surgeries. I've had 9 knee surgeries and 3 of those were replacements all on the same knee. I'm 48 years old!!!
Reply to Sharon

Oct 23, 2012 
I had a Stryker Scorpio x3 put in my knee Nov 30 09 in March or so I started hearing a clicking sound in my right knee now my knee seems so slide from sis to side and you can hear it when I walk my knee is giving out on me it is very unstable and hurts I think I am on the recall list. If you have any info you can email me at uvnoclu@gmail.com

Sep 26, 2012 
Three knee replacements stryker EIUS knee damaged my bone
Reply to sandy

Aug 17, 2012 
WOW! And I thought I was the only one with these problems, I am now disabled, I had been having pains behind my knee ever since my replacement, 2004, got mine ay age 44. I had e-rays done on leg at least once or twice a year since then and my doc kept thinking all I wanted was pain meds! well last year I got a blood clout in small toe, had stents put in, a week later some thing went bad and had another doctor redo whatever the problem was, 1st of this year had major problems again and had to have a graft put in, while they were fishing that thru my leg they came across a large MASS behind my knee, they at first thought it was a screw, upon examining it, it was more like a chunk of plastic, is this what might be part of the knee replacement?Vu
Reply to Tim Kiley Sr.

Jun 18, 2012 
Just so you know. Stryker TKR's do not have screws. If you had a screw then the surgeon screwed up and had to put one in for something he broke or tore.
Reply to Chris

May 30, 2012 
Maybe your doctor didnt get the screw tight.
Reply to LD

Mar 06, 2012 
i had the famous striker knees installed and they are no good, already had the worst one replaced with a zimmer, lots of bad things to tell the striker people. will need to get the other knee replaced when it's to painful to walk. had major problems and not looking forward to this again
Reply to rick

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