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Straight Talk Wireless - Walmart/Straight Talk return policies-BAD

Company Straight Talk Wireless
Product / Service Samsung T528G Cell Phone
Location Reno, Nevada
Category Cellular Phone
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I purchased a cell phone at Walmart-Reno, NV and the gal even called and set it all up for me that day.I purchased a Straight Talk plan with phone that Walmart offers.

On the 16th day it just died. Couldn't get nothing out of it. Tried charging it and all that but still nothing. So my husband and I took it back to Walmart.

They said they wouldn't refund us because it was over 15 days. Can you believe it - it died on the 16th day. They told me to contact either Samsung or Straight Talk. So I call Samsung.

Since it's some kind of contractual thing between them and Straight Talk they weren't responsible to give refunds on these particular phones. Told me to call Straight Talk. I did. The first guy was to new to be able to deal with the situation.

So I was transferred to another person. (Oh, I purchased it on 2.10.12 and called them around 3.23.12) She could not help me so I was transferred to a supervisor. I couldn't believe what they told me. They do not give refunds after 30 days.

Now that phone DIED on the 16TH DAY. We had just purchased a house and were in the process of moving etc. So I didn't call them immediately. The phone sat in its original box with all paperwork/accessories for what?

A couple of weeks. That's all it did. We never dropped the phone and it never got wet. It wasn't used and abused.

So I read their "terms and conditions" as best as I could. And no where did it state anything about no refunds under 30 days. I am furious. I emailed them and stated that anywhere I could write a bad review about their products and services, I would.

So I have. At Amazon.com, Facebook and Walmart.com. And I'm not done. So just beware.

I guess good customer service doesn't mean anything anymore. And the quality of products sold at Walmart by Straight Talk are really poor. I mean I spent around $100.00 for a cell phone that lasted, well, only 15 days. If you as a consumer have the time you should read some of the reviews at Amazon.com.

Apparently I'm not the only one who had this particular cell phone just DIE.By the way, its a Samsung Model #T528G. 3069800

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Aug 06, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
they have changed-- just returned a phone I had for 6 months. the charging port on it was loose. They guarantee against defects for 1 year- and they have CHEAP insurance for accidents( broken screens etc)I have had straighttalk for over 4 years now. I'm still satisfied.
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Sep 12, 2012 
Straight Talk says you can return your phone for refund within 30 days... when I called to do just that because I didn't like the phone features they said it's only if the phone is defective! NO WHERE does it say that in their written policy that comes with the box (or online for that matter) I was able to 'talk them in to it' yet find it funny that even on the return form it you have to check a box that can say "changed my mind," or "not satisfied"
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