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Straight Talk Wireless - Straighttalk users BEWARE of tethering Android phones

Company Straight Talk Wireless
Product / Service Samsung Galaxy Precedent
Location Westminster, California
Category Cellular Phone
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I had been a Straighttalk user for the past couple of years with very little issues with their services until I baught their Android phone. I went on the internet and looked at tethering my Android to my laptop. I had checked out a few websites that had offered a free service but,of coarse,after a trial period you had to pay for their services. Well,to my surprise I had found a website that offered free service without having to commite to their service after a trial period. That website is PDAnet.com. I am warning all Straighttalk Android users planning on tethering their phones to not do it. I downloaded everything for tethering my Android right from PDAnet's webpage,which also included downloading everything needed on my phone. Everything seemed to be going great,until about a month into me using this tethering,my phone had been disconnected from Straighttalk. I had called Straighttalk to see why this was happening and they had told me that I was using the tethering too much and PDAnet wanted my service disconnected.
After a couple of hours of complaining and quit a few phone calls to Straighttalk we came to the agreement that they would reactivate my phone as long as I agreed to not use the tethering as much as I had been. Both Straighttalk n I agreedand my service was restored. All was well until 2 weeks later when i was in the middle of sending sms messages to my daughter,my service was shut off again!!!
Every time I tried sending an sms an error message would show on my screen with a CODE 97 and to call customer service.
Once again I had called Straighttalk to see what a CODE 97 was and why my service was disconnected again. The first person I talked to told me they were sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing me but I had to call another office number and talk to a supervisor. When I asked what a CODE 97 was,this person would not tell me anything about it. In fact he kept backpeddaling and appologizing and avoiding my question about the CODE 97. He did give me another number I needed to call but he informed me that it was past their office hours and I would need to call them tomorrow. First off if my phone was shut off at 10pm and their office closes at 8pm how can they expect their customers to be understanding n not get pissed about their services being disconnected??? The Straighttalk guy hung up on me...
The next morning I had tried to call that number given to me the night before by Straighttalk but I couldnt do to my services being shut off...I had to call Straighttalk customer service back again. I told them I was given this number to call because my phone had a CODE 97 but I couldnt call because they shut my phone off and i needed them to connect me to that other number thru them. As I waited half an hour on hold,I finally got to talk to a supervisor!!!
Well this supervisor had appologized for any inconveniences this has caused me and continued on to tell me that my services have been terminated indefinately. INDEFINATELY!!! What!!! She had explained that I had been warned numerous times about using PDAnet and I didnt listen to their warnings so they terminated my services. Of coarse I was getting really pissed by now and I had asked the woman to give me some dates of these warnings because it wasnt true on their part. I had the 1 phone conversation with Straighttalk when the had previously disconnected my services and made the agreement with them to not use PDAnet "as much" as I had been. I went on to tell this woman that I had NOT used PDAnet at all since I had made this agreement to keep my service going. This woman preceeded to argue I had numerous warnings from them about using PDAnet. We had argued back n forth about the usage and yet she still would not give me any dates of these so called warnings from them. She had also notified me that my Android cellphone will not be able to be reactivated ever again. What!! So,i asked her what they want to do about the rest of the month of service I had paid for and the $150.00 I spent on this Android phone. Were they willing to re-emburse me for any of the money I spent? She told me that the only thing I could do is buy another phone from Wal-Mart and have it activated with a new number and service card then call them back to see if I will get the rest of my month I paid for put on the new phone.
So,here I am without my phone,a phone I spent $150.00 on that will never be activated again by me or anyone else,and having to spend even more money to buy another phone and service card.I cant beleive that Straighttalk would even think I would stay with them after all the wasted money I spent on something that is now useless to me or anyone else all because of tethering.
I will never use Straighttalk again and I hope all the Straighttalk users out there please take my warning of the tethering use. Please dont do it so this wont happen to you too. Im very dissatified with the outcome of this whole situation.Discusted is more like it!! 2ffdf14

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Feb 18 
I find people who like to just abuse the system then complain about things when they get disconnected or banned from a service.
They specifically say in their TOS NOT TO USE TETHERING! If you cannot be bothered to follow the rules, then wah for you!!!
They do warn you when you end up using too much with text messages. It again falls fault with you, not ST for ignoring them. You probably thought it as a "renew your service" text.
Again "don't use it as much" would communicate to never use it again but being nice about it as, again, the TOS says not to use it. At all...
I use the service for Play Music from Google in my car, I download apps occasionally, use Firefox, Youtube and make about 20-30 calls for business usage a day.
I figured I would call and ask after reading about some negative reviews. The lady said that people are warned via text messages abour 3-5 times then BANNED. People who get banned are those who are abusive with their data usage like downloading torrents. That I am fine and reviewed my usage. Guess what they can see what you do lol... She said there is no reason to worry as long as my usage doesn't go WAY higher than what I use. I was told that the cap is around 3-5GB, after which it is slowed to 3G until like 8GB then 10 is EDGE. I barely break 2GB. Moral of the story, don't be an asshat who torrents *** and guess what you wont catch flac...
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Feb 06 
Geez, Really expect to tether even though straight talk says you can't and get away with it? It's idiots like that who have no respect for the rules that raise my rates.
I've had straight talk for several years, now using an Iphone on it. I have no complaints, I am getting exactly what I expected, no more on less. When I have had a problem it has been addressed quickly (in spite of the complains I read about customer service)and to my satisfaction.
If anyone wants to talk about greed, then lets talk Verizon, ATT & Sprint.
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Jan 18 
Stop being a cry baby!!!!
Clearly you (me too) like the low price of Straight Talk, as compared to Verizon or the others...
If you want more data that Straight Talk is offering, sign up for another carrier.
You obviously can read. Did you read the 'agreement'? Were you able to find in the agreement any section that says that Straight talk owed you a warning, if you broke the agreement? They don't owe you any warning! You cheated and lied and you know it.
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Jan 03 
I have been using ST for years, and I have never had these issues. Perhaps that is because I read the terms, and never tried to break them. It also says they can terminate for "abnormal usage", and tethering counts. I have an LG Dynamic Duo with Android 2.3.6, on a 3G connection. I get 2.5 gigs a month at 3G speed, then it reduces after that (if I pass it), exactly as the terms say it will.
If you don't like the rules, go somewhere else.
And good luck in finding another company that will give you unlimited talk, text, pics, and internet for $45 a month. I get my net from AT&T, and they can't beat that price.
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Dec 20, 2013  from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I think you could use a dictionary as a Christmas gift.
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Dec 17, 2013 
I am on a friends computer making sure it's working ok. Stopped here to read and these people are right. It is a deal breaker to do that. Yea we all think we are good at figuring out ways to bend rules. HA! Uh.. Guys? If you do this without them catching it? That is not very "White hat" of you.
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Dec 11, 2013 
Straight talk sucks in so many ways, but you agreed not to tether when you signed up. Period. You can *** and moan all you want. You broke the agreement. The agreement may suck, but then why did you make the agreement. Seriously, I hate this company, but they do not hide the fact that tethering is a major deal breaker.
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Dec 03, 2013 
I think the 847 people read the comments from the idiots who just don't get it. 40 of them are laughing at the fools who think they have the right to do whatever they want. The only positive is that 220 people have found this discussion useful.

If that 220 tell everyone they know that Straight Talk sucks and blows at the same time, eventually the word will spread that it's not the bargain it seems to be.

I for one am glad I left. Never again! There is just something about a greedy company like WalMart contracting with a no-service company like TracFone that just spells trouble with a capital T.
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Jan 18 
I think the Straight Talk service is just fine. The customer service is not nearly as good as Verizons, but I really don't care, I'm saving about $60.00/month
60 x 12 months x 2 years = $1440.00 *** Yeah!!!!
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Dec 03, 2013 
I can't believe 847 retards call this ***. Who takes the time to write all of this if it's simply ***. ...bunch of Straighttalk loyal morons. I have Straighttalk, but I'm not married to it. I'll continue to use it, but I'll never tether thanks to this.
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Dec 01, 2013  from Brooklyn, New York
Yes. It true all company can track your tethering. It their data and if their let it go for free they looses money. It better to pay the $5.00 or so. So you don't loose your service. All the company can track them now. Don't do it. It better to pay the $5.00 or so. Because nothing is for free. Thanks. Warning double time. Pay. Bye.
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Nov 27, 2013 
Hi all, if you think 2.5 gigs data+phone service+a phone for 50 bucks a month isn't a good deal, then just go see if you can get it somewhere else for less. I've been with straight talk for some time now and really have very few complaints. in fact I'm quite happy with the service that I've gotten. I recently had a discussion with the sales person with AT&T and I said well how about I tell you what I got which is 2&a half gigs of data plus phone plus service cost me 50 bucks what have you got to say well he didn't have much to say!
And I guess that's about all I have to say here now, bye all ... ;)
I'm chasdot1
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Nov 08, 2013  from Stow, Ohio
Big business sucks and the USA is a second rate IT country!!!
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Nov 05, 2013  from Fort Wayne, Indiana
I've been following this thread, and come to a couple of conclusions.

First up, term of use are terms of use. Period. Those who signed on before the terms changed were alerted to a change in terms. By continuing to use their service, you agreed to the new terms. TracFone isn't a bunch of idiots (well..... hate to say it, but it's true) and they covered their butts legally on the streaming data issue. Most of the people who are complaining are those who aren't reading the terms, don't agree with the terms, or don't care and feel they have the right to do as they please. They read the large print and ignore the fine print.

Personally I became fed up with their horrible service, both at the phone and customer service. To not be able to stream music or YouTube via 3G/4G is just plan a slap in the face. My last ST phone was a Blackberry Curve, and the Blackberry GPS app with voice prompt turn by turn navigation was disabled and blocked from being installed as it required a small amount of streaming data. Same phone from another carrier could have turn by turn voice as a download from Blackberry.

To those who wave the class action lawsuit flag, only the lawyers make money there. The terms are in your contract, don't waste your time.

I believe what is clear, is that you truly get what you pay for. Other providers cost a little more - mainly with unlimited talk time. I won't post the other providers, but do the research and you
... Show more
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Feb 06 
UH Last I looked, Straight talk had an unlimited talk, text AND data plan for $45.00 a month. Works fine for me. Granted I don't do a lot of streaming video on the phone but when I do it's fine. If anyone expects unlimited anything with everyone streaming gigs and gigs per month for under $50 a month, they're delusional.
Yep i know this is America and Americans believe they should have everything they want, whenever they want and not have to pay for it. Yet take pride in being a Capitalistic Country. Guess most ya all aither ain't to smart or are severely spoiled or both.
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Nov 05, 2013 
My daughter had an active wallpaper on her stright talk phone and they disconnected her internet. She called customer service and they told her she was using to much data. She told them the cad says unlimited,she ask to speek to a supervisor and stright talk put her on hold and never connected her with anyone else. She call 3 days in az row she never did get and answer as to why the card says unlimited and they cut her sdrvice off.
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Sep 23, 2013 
I had the same problem but it was teathered less than 15 minutes. Straight talk did not have the same terms and condition that they now have when I started using them years ago. I found out they are rolling out their own wifi sticks to wal mart in late Oct. I feel this ban on teathering is a truly unethical on their part. The consumers that have had service for years should be held under the terms and conditions we signed up under. Now the limit us to sell their new product! :(
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