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Straight Talk Wireless - Straight Talk is HORRIBLE!!!!!! Corporate contact info

  • by   Oct 28, 2010
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Company Straight Talk Wireless
Product / Service Straight Talk Lg 290 Cm
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category Cellular Phone
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Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible!

After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart.

I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system did recognize that I did add minutes but my phone did not.

So, after spending LITERALLY 12 HOURS and 15 minutes on the phone with the Straight Talk customer DIS service department (that is what I call them now) over the course of approximatley 8-10 different phone calls... Still NOTHING was resolved. They gave me codes to put into my phone NUMEROUS times despite the fact that it didn't work the previous day that I talked to them and was told to do that.

So, as of today, I have not have ANY cell phone service for 18 days(almost 3 weeks). 3 Weeks that I paid for!

Straight Talk wanted me to send my phone back to them. So, they took 5 plus days to send me an airbill fed ex package so I could mail them my phone. I sent it on Thursday and it was received at Straight talk the next day.

So, I waited about a week and called them to see where my phone was... I was told 3 different things by 3 different people.. The best was by a supervisor who told me that I would have a new phone on my doorstep in 3 days. BUT, when I asked him if the phone was shipped from their warehouse, he said I DON"T KNOW! I asked him.. how can you tell me I will have my new phone in 3 days when you don't even know if it was shipped or not???? He could not understand this concept at all!!!!

He could not give me a tracking number .. b/c there was none!

BOTTOM LINE... I filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and within 24 hours I had the Better Business Bureau liason at Straight talk and she personally called me at my work number and walked to the warehouse and got a new phone herself changed my number to that phone, made sure it worked. She is also sending it to me OVERNIGHT.

She is in the Corporate Office in Miami, Florida.

I also asked that I get a month FREE for all the aggravation and she agreed to do that.

This is her contact info

Main phone 800 876 5753 x 6175
or 305-715-6500 x 6175
fax 305-715-6737
Her name is Karen Calderon
email is kcalderon@tracfone.com

She is the Better Business SPecialist with Trac Fone Wireless.. This is who is the parent company of Straight Talk and who you ultimately need to deal with if you have a problem with Straight Talk.

I am posting this b/c I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I was treated by the foreign customer service department who are like zombies reading from a script no matter what you say to them.

I hope this helps someone. 2d8f585

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Apr 02  from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wow .. thanks ill be calling also this is bs the way they treat peopl n how i was treated. I am.very angry also. I'm glad they fixed it :( for u..!! Been having problem w my phone n they don't want to fix the problem plus I paid my bilk n they changed my number I didn't ask them to do that. I'm pist off n probably gona change carriers. Very unsatisfied ....
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Apr 10  from Indianapolis, Indiana
I called these numbers given and it worked out great. I was given excellent customer service by Shelly. It seems there are 5 people working in this office at Corporate. This is the number to call if you are having trouble.
Main phone 800 876 5753 x 6175
or 305-715-6500 x 6175
fax 305-715-6737
Her name is Karen Calderon
email is kcalderon@tracfone.com
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Mar 04 
Has any one tried the email address for Karen, I'm currently on the phone w straight talk for 3 hours! I googled straight talk phones and found one, it was a net 10 phone. Before I bought it I called ST to see if I would be to transfer the number. Gave the rep the serial number and told her it was a net 10 phone as well, she said we would only have to pay 15$ for transfer fee. I just had a manager tell me that they don't have a transfer fee. So any way I bought the phone for 200$! And now they are telling me they are sorry I've been given the wrong information we can extend your service for 15 days! What about the money for the phone? Wanting me to call net 10 and have them refund me. Its ST's fault no one else's but theirs! Now they are escalating it to corporate for investigation. :(
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Mar 02  from San Antonio, Texas
understand exactly what you're saying and I went through the same thing you haven't lied about anything with straight talk its exactly like you said that's the way they deal with people all the time
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Jan 23 
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Jan 22  from Louisville, Kentucky
Ashley in KY man I feel ya I still have 23 days on my service but.... Today at noon while I the bath st decided I needed a new number 5 years with this company and six months with the same number they detach my number from my phone and attach it to sometimes account a state away then tell me my phone belongs to that account and since my name is not on that account I can't do a thing about it.....
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Jan 20 
I just went and bought at $400.00 Galaxy S3 for my boyfriend on black Friday. I give it to him on Christmas and he was so happy! He is a truck driver so he needed a good phone due to me having our first child and he wanted to be able to keep in contact with out dropping calls and not having service.. TURNS OUT.. WRONG.. every state he goes in he has had nothing but freaking problems. He has no service.. and the last time they deleted all his contacts! and on top of that he lost money by not being able to keep in contact with his customers! He is one mad truck driver tonight he lost service again and they told us return the phone! NEWS FLASH who keeps packaging when u cant return *** after 30 days! I have all the books but no freaking packaging! So pissed hopefully this lady I just emailed from above gets back to me tomorrow or ill take my business else where!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ... Show more
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Dec 24, 2013 
Sounds similar to my situation. I just filed a complaint with the BBB. Maybe that will get me somewhere because contacting CS doesn't!
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Dec 30, 2013 
anything? We are fighting over a Bring Your Own Phone that they said should work on their service and doesn't
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Dec 19, 2013  from Arkansas City, Arkansas
Why is it that when I buy unlimeted everything a month my phone work good intell
The last two weeks and I can't get on youtube or facebook inless I set there and
Wait 20 minutes for it to load this is stuped :?
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Feb 18  from China Grove, North Carolina
I was told after buying the unlimited card and chip for my iPhone 4S that when you go over 2.5 GB, it goes from 3G to 2G. I tried exposing to the manager that I paid for unlimited everything. She just kept repeating the same thing over and over. I tried to speak with someone in corporate but she said she was the highest manager. I finally hung up. Still at no avail of receiving anything.
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Dec 16, 2013 
I was given this CORPORATE OFFICE contact number stating it was for Miami, FL Corporate office 1-800-876-5753 and it routed me to the Guatamala Corporate office. They advised they were corporate office for Tracfone and had no direct number to call the Miami, FL Karen Calderon Corporate office. They stated they did not have a direct Tracfone Corporate Office Miami, FL phone number to give me and they could not assist. This is fraudulent to advertise a company Corporate Office phone number that re routes you out of country to a Foreign business partner!!! :( :x
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Dec 11, 2013  from Florida, New York
same here brought a card sunday can not make calls only texts they are a piece of work. ***
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Dec 04, 2013 
My phone kept hanging up on people randomly. Called them and they were useless. After hours and multiple calls that issue was fixed. But then my phone started getting bad reception in areas where it used to be fine. I called back and the rep said you might need a new battery or phone. It could also be the Verizon network. He tried to call Verizon and send they could not reach them after whatever time and to call back the next day.

I asked if I would be reimbursed if the battery was this issue or if I needed to buy a new one. I don't think a phone should go out in less than 2 years. He said "no we cannot do that."

So, I just ended up getting a $150 phone and called to sign up auto refill. they said I cannot do this until the next billing cycle. I waited almost 30 days and called before my billing cycle ended so that I wouldn't run out of minutes. Had to provide my credit card info even though it was one I had on file. I enrolled and asked the guy if everything was good and he said yes there would be no problems with the phone cutting off.

Well the next day or so the phone cut off. Customer service said that my phone was inactive because I needed to refill. I told them I just signed up auto refill. Then the rep said you need to go Walmart and get a card and then after that billing cycle you can auto refill. What?? Now it's 2 months they are saying I have to buy a card.

Then I called back and this rep said she
... Show more
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Nov 26, 2013 
I, too, am having problems. I purchased my phone thru Walmart via mail. It lasted TWO months. After numerous calls to Straight Talk, it still isn't straightened out. Here is my conversation via "talking live" today.

I have been without my phone since Nov. 17th. After numerous calls to Straight Talk, I was told they would send me a box to send my phone back. After not receiving, I called back again and was told to take it to Fedex and they would provide a box. After traveling 30 miles to get to Fedex, we were told to go to a different one, which was another 5 miles away. FINALLY! It is in transit! However! - I was charged $9.99 for the box. Will this be reimbursed?
My answer I got -
Florence: One moment please
Florence: No. We will not be able to reimbursed (sic) you with the amount you paid for the shipping label. If you did not receive an airbill, you could have contacted us so we can process another one.
Florence: Your inquiry has been addressed. Thank you for chatting with Straight Talk Wireless.

Then I was disconnected before I could send this:

As you can see by your records of my phone calls, I DID contact you! I was told nothing about an "airbill".
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Nov 25, 2013  from Caruthersville, Missouri
I have had StraightTalk for 2 years now. About 12 days ago, I awoke to no service. After calling customer support, I was told my number had been inactive for over 12 months, and had been discontinued. This number had been used daily for over 12 months!!! The reps I speak to are useless, as all they want me to do is reset my phone, or send SIM cards that don't work. The numbers listed for Karen Calderon are also useless, as you will get a rep who will transfer you to other StraightTalk reps!!Have had all of the runaround with these damned people that I can take, will be going to AT&T or Verizon ASAP! THANKS FOR NOTHING, STRAIGHTTALK!!!!
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Nov 12, 2013 
I have been dealing with my phone not charging for a month now. Even better, when I told him I knew what was wrong with my phone, I was still told that he had to go through these two steps. I then told him he was an *** and I knew more than him and I just needed to get the phone replaced. It's a smart phone, so the charging port went bad of course. I, not being in that job, couldn't possibly know what I was talking about. I'm considering just keeping the phone, since I already ordered a replacement battery and charger. I can send the other one back first. The best part is that I just refilled my service. If I wanted to spend an arm and a leg on cell service, I would go to another company. Worst part is that my kids' schools cannot get a hold of me now. It's driving me nuts!
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Oct 31, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
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Oct 30, 2013  from Madisonville, Tennessee
Oh and forget trying to call Karen Calderon at straight talk she has changed her number several times if you read the posts of numbers for here...WONDER WHY? LOL

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