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Straight Talk Wireless - Criminals are hacking into straight talk

Company Straight Talk Wireless
Product / Service Cell Phone Service
Location Clarksdale, Mississippi
Category Cellular Phone
Views 398
Monetary Loss

Criminals are hacking into straight talk customer cell phone cell and deactivating there accounts and using the customer numbers to avoid paying their bills and to avoid being traced by the authorities.When the customers call straight talk to see what is wrong with their phones, they are told that they called in and had their number transferred to their other phones although they only one phone.

Straight talk encryption isnt secure and is being hacked. Once this occur, the customer have to wait a minimal of 1 week to get their number back and to receive a new sim card. So be careful.

I was a victim of this crime myself.Striaght doesnt seem very interested in solving this issue. 2efaa12

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Aug 31, 2012 
The lack of knowledge and abundance of incompetency displayed here makes me giggle.
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