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Straight Line Customs - Just another reason Mechanics have a bad name.

Company Straight Line Customs
Product / Service Auto Repair
Location Prior Lake, Minnesota
Category Auto
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I took my 1999 Mazda to "Straight Line Customs" in Savage Mn on the recommendation of a good friend. I was quoted a price of between $125.00 -$150.00 to fix the automotive issue. I was thrilled, considering I really didn't want to put anymore money than necessary into this dinosaur of a car.
I received a phone call from the owner Danny, telling me they needed a couple extra hours to complete the job. No Problem.
As is unfortunately the case when dealing with mechanics, when I came to pick up my car, the angry large lady at the front desk handed me a bill in the amount of - wait for it- $350.00.
After seeing the shock on my face, the angry large lady replied, "What's the big deal, Its only $200.00 more.
I then had a small temper tantrum, which brought Danny the owner, (hiding in the back)out to face me. The explanation that he had is one for the record books.

He had to drive 10 miles to get a part.

Isn't that what mechanics do? Get parts to fix cars. Is this 10 mile drive not a part of doing business.
I live in the town he had to drive to. For $200.00 I would have picked the part up for him.
It almost came to blows. They, holding my car hostage, me crying, the large angry lady having a conversation with Jesus that only she could hear.

I am happy to say that sometimes a Temper Tantrum and the threat of swift legal action, along with a few witnesses, brought the company to its senses. They grudgingly accepted my check for $150.00 and were happy to see the back of me.

Not a happy experience for me.
Wouldn't recommend the company to someone I hated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
I feel much better,

MM 306fc09

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Dec 11, 2013  from Edina, Minnesota
Nice try Jim. Instead of trying to belittle your competition you should maybe put your extra energy into improving your own shop. Why do I think this was your post? Because there is no large angry lady who works at SLC and we don't have a record of ever having worked on a 1999 Mazda
Reply to TJ

Dec 24, 2012  from Hinckley, Minnesota
I worked with the owner of s.l.c and he was very helpfull. Stop crying
Reply to Al

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