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State Farm Insurance - Non Renewal of Home Owners Insurance

Company State Farm Insurance
Product / Service Home Owners Insurance
Location Middletown Township, New Jersey
Category Auto Insurance
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Monetary Loss

Let me begin by stating I have been with State Farm for over 25 years. I have every policy possible through State Farm, including Auto, Personal, Homeowners, Short and Long Term Disability, Personal Articles, and Life Insurance for myself, my wife, and all 4 of my children. I have referred my immediate and extended family members to State Farm. Many of my friends have also gotten insurance through State Farm from my referral. State Farm has made so much money off of my family, friends and the numerous referrals. During the last two years, I had to place three HOI claims and each claim was classified as CATOSTROPHIC due to natural disasters. The claims were as follows: May 14, 2010 Thunder Storm ( Hail Damage), August 28, 2011 Hurricane Irene (Flood Damage), and September 07, 2011 Tropical Storm Lee (Wind Damage. I've attached a link which describes the events that occurred where I live in Charles County, Maryland during those months mentioned.
http://www.thebaynet.com/news/index.cfm/fa/views September, I received a letter and a phone call from my Agent that I've known and have been with for over 25 years to inform me that my Home Owners Insurance (HOI) policy will not be renewed because I had made 3 claims in 3 years. It's shameful that they would not keep me on as a valued and loyal customer. It is shameful that State Farm would drop me after all the money I have paid them and all the referrals I have made to them and the money that have made off of them.

Let me be clear that at no time during the claim process did any State Farm representative or my Agent make me aware that my HOI was in jeopardy because I was filing claims. There is nothing in my contract that states that if I made claims that were caused by inclement weather that my policy could potentially not be renewed or my premiums would increase. I was always under the assumption that if I caused the damage and filed a claim then yes my premiums could potentially go up and or not be renewed; that pretty much goes without saying. I purchased my first home in 1995 and occupied until 2000 which was a town home in which State Farm held the HOI, my second home was a single family that I purchased in 2000 and am currently occupying now which State Farm holds the HOI. I also have investment properties that State Farm holds the HOI. With that said I have paid a great deal of money to State Farm over the years and referred a lot of business to them. Even though I expressed this to my State Farm Agent, he stated that Under Writing would not reverse their stance on this issue.

Can someone tell me who above my Agent and the Under Writer that I can complain and express my discontent with? Is there also an outside agency that could help with this Unfair Practice? 2e4fb5e

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Nov 07, 2013 
Just had the same non renewal issue. State Farm had my home, boat, two auto's and flood insurance. We had a 2900.00 claim with 1% deductible or $2,200.00, which left them with roughly an $800.00 exposure. When the claim was opened they DID NOT explain the consequences of non renewal or I would have paid the full claim out of pocket. In my view they are letting their underwriting dept dictate business decisions, after all between all policy's I was paying in some 4K a year! Further the REALLY big issue is the fact they when they fail to renew based on "claim activity", they are in effect placing you in a high risk pool for other insurer's to rate your new policy, all the while offering NO way for the consumer to rebut their reason for non renewal. They are in affect in the business to harvest premiums, NOT cover their insured for the long term.

Apparently there are many across the US with the same State Farm issue that befell me and on the surface this screams out "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT"!
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Jun 28, 2013  from Cleveland, Ohio
That doesn't seem right. When a claim is filed under a weather related incident (such as hurricane, tornado, hail, etc) it isn't your insurance company who ends up footing that bill. It is usually the national disaster relief fund that funds it. That's WHY your premiums don't go up after such a claim. Same goes for if someone ELSE does damage to your property and your insurance company sues (subrogation) the one who did the damage. Those filings did not cost your insurance company, as your insurance company would have been reimbursed! I know, I've been there twice. We suffered damage from a hail storm. It was covered under the disaster relief fund. We also suffered damage from the contractor who fixed our roof. They didn't load the shingles right on our roof causing significant structural damages to the home. In that instance, my insurance company took them to court and won all the funds back, and REFUNDED us our deductible!

Both times I asked how this would effect my insurance, and they said it wouldn't. What a shame you are having to deal with this.
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Jun 28, 2013 
Dear Anonymous,
You are sadly mistaken if you believe the National Disaster Relief Fund is there to reimburse insurance companies. That is simply untrue. National Disaster Relief Funds are provided by the government to provide emergency funds for the states and some offer low interest rate loans to citizens. Insurance companies foot the bills for claims made to them and YES, all claims count against a customer. Any agent (and I have been one for over 24 years) who tells you a storm claim won't count against you either has very little experience with claims or basically lied to you. Anytime an insurance company must pay money out, it becomes a record against you. As for subrogation, yes, if the money is reimbursed to the insurance company that had to pay it out, that will be erased from your record and will not be counted against you. Please understand insurance companies foot the bill during disasters. So much so, that there are many who have gone under due to extreme disasters and failed to have enough in their policyholder protection fund. Those funds are set aside only for claims. That fund is mandated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The amount of money kept in those funds is placed there based on the market share that a company has. The smaller a company, the less money in their policyholder protection fund. Who bails them out when they run out of money? They go broke and claims go unpaid. Educate yourself about insurance companies. They
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May 13, 2013  from Chickasha, Oklahoma
I was insured by State Farm for several(over 15) years we had a total loss tornado, couln't even find a piece of furniture. they paid our claim, then promptly cancelled us, it made it nearly impossible to find a new provider , we finally did at 15 times the cost. I do not recommend State farm, they screwed us royally.It was our second claim in 3 years, the other for minor hail damage-less than 2500.we also lost our business, which we thought was insured, but it wasn't... that is our own fault,but it sure leaves a bitter taste.
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May 06, 2013  from Richardson, Texas
Let me just inform you of this fact.It does not matter how long you have been with "State Farm"If you file (3)Claim's period "State Farm" Will drop you as a customer.They do not care about you being "Loyal and Paying on time".Three strike's and You are out period.Go with "AllState"They are very good"and I have never had anytype of problem's with them.
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May 26, 2013 
You are wrong, Allstate is badddddddddd....they say they go to subrogation and fight aggressively....no they don't ....they just submit an estimate of your damages to the arbitrators and you lose----that is not enough to prove you were damaged by your neighbors' trees. and then they tell you to go to small claims court by yourself.....
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Jun 11, 2013  from Brooklyn, New York
Don't try Allstate! Same situation been with them for 10 years and in the past 2 years had 2 windstorm claims and one other pipe burst paying out 136.00 dollars all combines not even 4000. and we recived a non renewal. Cant find coverage elsewhere what do you do
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Jun 11, 2013  from New Orleans, Louisiana
I had State Farm Insurance since 1968!! When we lost our homes in Hurricane Katrina, there were NO insurance companies available for coverage because the Insurance Commissioners of several southern states decided the risk was too great for their coverage. We were insured with a "2-5% Named Storm" deductible, which up until the storm, was never applied to our coverage.
I have never understood why places like California with their wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, etc. or any other states facing different peril didn't have to agree to just to get a basic coverage for HOI.
Now that Hurricane Sandy has taken out some of the areas in the north, good luck in getting coverage. You may have to resort to the kind of coverage we had to settle for, high premiums, high deductables, and low coverage!
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Jun 12, 2013 
Here's what you do...stop relying on insurance policies to be your home maintenance plan. Why would you turn in a claim resulting in $136.00? Homeowners insurance is designed to cover CATASTROPHIES that could result in MAJOR financial loss. It's there to restore your home in the event it is uninhabitable or the damage is such that you would have an extremely hard time paying out of pocket for the restoration. NEVER turn in a claim that is less than $2,500. I carry a $5,000 deductible and would carry a higher one if my mortgage company would allow me to.
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May 06, 2013  from Marietta, Georgia
I'm confused on SF's claim's process. Two years ago we filed a claim for gutter replacement after an ice storm. We had never filed a claim before. Last week our dishwasher broke and leaked water into the living room, ruining the manufactured wood floor. State Farm informed me that our premium would automatically increase by $300 a year for three years if we filed a new claim. This was after the agent told me that the first claim is a 'freebie,' and that you are essentially allowed three claims within three years. What's the story? Is she mistaken? Why the premium increase after the second claim?
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Apr 24, 2013  from Long Grove, Illinois
State Farm has been threatening their customers on a regular basis since 2008. I have everything with them, 4 autos, my home, two rental properties, personal umberella, and personal articles policy. I pay them a little over ten thousand a year in premiums, but I have been told since I had a flood claim in 2008 that if I claimed the flood from this year 2013 that I would be dropped. What kind of insurance is this?? YOu pay in but can't file a claim if something happens or they will drop you.
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Feb 28, 2013  from Talent, Oregon
State Farm is non-renewing my home owner's insurance and I have been with them over 20 years. I had 2 claims over 3 years - both water damage due to different causes... total amounts were $2000 and $6000 respectively. Not big losses for them. Know someone else that was on-renewed without a claim!! What's going on? What a racket this is!
If you are over 50 and can join AARP, you can get insurance through them that has a clause saying they will never cancel or non-renew after a claim. I am changing to Hartford with AARP. But must be age 50 or over.
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Dec 18, 2012  from Worcester, Massachusetts
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Nov 21, 2013 
I just used a public adjuster to file a claim on my homeowners. Informed me that i can not be dropped for filing a claim, but they did not inform me that I could not be renewed as a result which to me is the same thing. I am still going to be stuck without homeowners insurance looks like and this is terrible.
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Dec 06, 2012  from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I have not been cancelled from insurance but having a difficult time with St. Farm This year where I live we've also had rough weather. There has been several hail storms, a tornado touched down in my subdivision , and Hurricane Issac hit. Year before last I had damage from Hurricane Gustov. A lot of my neighbors got new rooftops with Gustov. Then this year the tornado hit and some got a new roof with that. Hurricane Isacc wasn't all that terrible but some things got torn up. The hail storms seemed to be bad enough where the rest of my neighbors could get a new roof. I have a hole in my roof , some shingles falling off and some hail damage. The St. Farm adjuster says the hail is not enough for a new roof and estimated my damage under my deductible. So I have to fix it all on my own anyways. I have had a leak fixed in my roof already , St. Farm patched my roof for Gustov and this will be the third patch job. I've had St. Farm HOI for over 25 years also. Never used it until now. Me and one other person on my street are the only ones without a new roof in the last year to months out of 30 or more houses.
I also tried to ask the St. Farm executives about it. They were speechless and didn't want to call me back. Filled a complaint with the state insurance comminsner. I was told I could get the attroney of my choice.. that made me laugh.
Insurance basics has some very bad but true news about how disappointingly thing really work. I had no idea I had a hole in
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Dec 01, 2012  from Bardstown, Kentucky
been there done that......in tornado. STATE FARM SUCKS........NEVER AGAIN.
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Nov 17, 2012 
Brian, I pleaded with them and put all options on the table. In short NO Go. It's all about revenue for them.
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Nov 16, 2012 
I too have had bad experiences with State Farm. They love you paying premiums, but hate you if you make a claim. I have been with USAA for the past 30 years and couldn't be happier. :)
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Nov 14, 2012 
You see this is why I don't pay Insurance. :grin :zzz :p
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Jan 01  from Los Angeles, California
You probably own your house and have pocket money to pay out on liability claims if they arise.
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