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Startec - the worst Long Distance provider

Company Startec
Product / Service Ld Provider
Location Lumberton, Texas
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Monetary Loss

If you reveive a telemarketing phone call from Startec, don't sign with them.Startec is the worst phone company ever existed!

They double charged me, they cut my connection with Bosnia and my bill became higher and higher every month. Besides of that, when I have tried to switch to another LD provider, they stopped the connection and then they have threatened me with extracharges and fees for switching to Pulse Telecom, my new long distance provider.

Man, it was a nightmare to get rid of them and to get another company!It's much easier to find water on Mars or to meet Bin Laden at a New Years Eve party, believe me!!! 2e397a9

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Aug 04, 2013  from Irvine, California
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Nov 16, 2012 
the worse phone card company ever , phone cards don t work i was never able to make a phone call not one and never got a refund. it is a bad joke they take your money and have no service ..
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Nov 10, 2012 
Startec made me sick. It is very bad company. Very bad service. Customers service is terrible. I have a problem with their connection number. When I dial the number that they gave me to make an international calls, the line is always busy. I called to the customer service several times during a week. They lied to me that number works, but it does not work. I'm going to close the account with them.
Reply to 11/10/12 from Warwick, NY

Nov 03, 2012 
lhave been trying to make long distance calls for the past week all lcan get is for me to call this # 18004744406 .Rude answering service which say you cant make a call at this time call fraud investigation at 18004744406 whats up with that .
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Nov 03, 2012 
lhave been trying to make long distance calls for the past week all lcan get is for me to call this # 18004744406 .Rude answering service which say you cant make a call at this time call fraud investigation at 18004744406 whats up with that .
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Nov 03, 2012 
Statec the woist long distance provider and very rude customer service.
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Jul 04, 2012 
I am also a victim of this demon company! I bought the $25 prepaid and to my surprise they charged me extra! Their customer service is worst! The manager is evil! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!
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Jun 21, 2012 
The same victim. Stay away from this company. They charged me for 16 months and now I realized. I am filing a law sue against them. This is a fraudulent and steal to take out money without your authorization. I will inform also my credit card company and I dispute the charges as fraudulent. They will go also after them.
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Aug 28, 2011 
I got charge for their hidden charges and it is ridiculous. I was trying to settle the bill but they are so *** rude. Worst customer service. what i did was i didn't pay my bill. Now i think everyone wants to sue them. Their online service is even slow. i hope to put this company close.
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May 13, 2011 
worse company! is there somebody that is suing them? i am in!!! they claim they arr unlimited but only gives u 4000 minutes in a 43,000 minutes in a month! that is their meaning of unlimited! and u cant have ur money back from a very bad service! omg sarah g ! ur putting ur name in one of the biggest scam! and they get away with it too! shame on u startec for tricking OFW's!!!!
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Apr 20, 2011 
As numerous reviews show, startec is an absolute nightmare.
Exact same complaints, they rip you off, and dont even provide what they advertise.
Philippines Unlimited Plan here, worked for only one day, no refund, horrible customer service, waste of money and time.
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Apr 07, 2011 
Please, if anyone reading this is thinking of using Startec as a LD provider, think twice: if you like being robbed, go for it. If you like having terribly rude customer "service", go for it. If you like being charged for calls you didn't make and not being refunded, go for it. If you like not being refunded for poor connection or disconnected calls, go for it. If you like being charged $10.50 monthly if you didn't make the 'minimum' calls Startec wants (over $10/month), go for it.
The list can go on.
I'm so glad I FINALLY GOT RID OF THEM, after years of being their customer. Please use any other means to call LD, so unscrupulous companies such as Startec can't take advantage of people.
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Feb 20, 2011 
I was the same victim, I got a call from them once and got the service as they mentioned that 1C/min for international call. Then when I received my bill, noticed they are chaging me more than 3C/min. Called the customer service and resolved the dispute and they gave me 200 min free (something like that) instead credited me. The following month again I had the same issue, called them and complain. An individual from the office called me and and came up with the same principal (free mints), then the month passed by I didn't have time to check the bill as my wife was paying it. Once again I was curious and checked the bill and noticed the same issue again. This time I was about to cancel but a lady called and promised me that she will personally follow up this issue and if it does not solve then I can cancell the service, she did for a couple of months but then had the same issue. I requested them to cancel the service, they said they can not do that till my billing cycle comes. I also asked them to refund the $39.00 dollars they took as advance. They said they will but never retured that money to me. I have written them few mails, but they just never replied to my mails. I think some one should look into this company andbtake a legal action, and make them pay the customer's money. I have saved their service contract and also the actual bills and a mail saying they will give money back which they never gave...
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Feb 11, 2011 
I have an aweful experience with STARTEC too.

The longer you talk the higher they charge you these fees:


Please people don't ever sign up with Startec they will only rip you off!!! Take it from us who had a bad experience with them.

They have a bad customer service!!! I hope one day they will get a class action suit filed against them!
Reply to Badexperiencefrom NY

Feb 09, 2011 
Startec has just been the worst nightmare for me. Horrible service. Truly a scam company. I have never missed a payment in my entire life and I was determined to resolve the billing issue with this comapny. First month, I was cautious b/c i (being very naiive) signed up with them over the phone through a telemarketer; so i called international for only a few mins b/c i wanted to confirm the charges. I receive the first monthly invoice and, inconsistent with what they had told me after i had specifically asked, there were some "hidden charges". They were minor i thought, so i continued (first warning sign i ignored). So the next month, i called like i normally do and i receive my second monthly invoice. To my dismay, again inconsistent with what i specifically had been told, the "calls to mobile" charges were higher than the "calls to land line"(yet another sign). So I call to complain, and said i wanted to cancel my subscription with them as they were not consistent with me. Just one or 2 days later, a woman representative who spoke my native language called in from their company to inquire about what happened. She was very apologoetic and was verrrry nice and so i told her that i would reactivate my subscription but i dont want any more surprises or hidden fees. I go on making my international calls assuming rates are the same and AGAIN to my huge dismay i receive the monthly invoice of a ridiculous charge- almost 5 times as much as i typically used to pay monthly. I call... Show more
Reply to Marie

Feb 09, 2011 
I'm still trying to deal with this nightmare!! they are not a company, they are a scam!!!
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Jan 25, 2011 
Bad bad bad company. When you sign up, the nicest people ever but later introduces minimum usage fee without prior notice, extremely difficult to get out once you're in. Puts you on hold for hours to stop you from canceling. Once you cancel they will repeatedly call your home and try to get you back in. NEVER EVER sign up.
Reply to Tom

Nov 30, 2010 
Stay away from Startec, they used to be honest but they have gotten very bad, charge you monthly fee for not using the service, I cancelled, then charged me again the next month since they said I did not cancel early enough for the next billing cycle, I hope I don't get another bill from them like the other reviewer. TOTAL SCAM
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Nov 26, 2010 
Startec is the worst company ever. it uses unethical and deceiving practices to stay in business. they ignore their existing customers when there is a concern. Supervisors and CC agents suck. i will never recommend this company to anyone. STAY AWAY.
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