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staples extended warranty is a major rip off

Company Staples
Product / Service Hp Laptop Junk
Location Charleston, West Virginia
Category Computers
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Monetary Loss

I bought a new hp laptop computer $1300.00 + dollars from the beckley wv rip off store.They suckered me into an extended warranty $199 The checker said if i dont buy it, and something happens, you will wish you did especially if it the monitor gos bad or gets damaged.

First i took it in for a shorted powercord. I stood and waited for 30 minutes waiting for the special person that was in the know. while several more customers were waited on. Then i asked to speak with the manager.

the lady laughed and said hes the one were already waiting for she pointed toward him at a distence, and he was doing nothing. She paged him twice. I left mad and she said loudley' have a nice day and laughed. I then sent the computer back a month later the monitor hinge just broke on one side.

They said the power cord is never replaced. After two weekks waiting thinking the laptop was sent off to repair, a big fuss with the manageron the phone,, he then said he sent the laptop off to be repaired he lied it was still there. after two more weeks i called and they said the company would not repair because it was physical damage. Ive bought several computers from the Beckley WV store and lots of oher items.

so take my advie and shop at a reputable store and lets put these crooks out of business.

Ill never again buy anything from staples.Still planing to file lawsuit as soon as my health gets improved a little. 2d8eeb6

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Sep 14, 2013  from Tarzana, California
Staples plans are ripoff.
I bought a computer 3 years ago with 3 years technical support plan $199. They said your money will be refunded if you don't use the plan. I didn't use the plan. I called them one week before the plan finish. Customer service said that you will get money 30 days after the plan finish. Nothing happen, no refund after 30 days. Then I sent an email about my situation. I got an email after one week that I have to call customer service again. I called them and they said that we can not refund your money because you have to file a request before 30 days finish. I said that I called your customer service and customer service said to me that you will get your money after 30 days. They said there is no record of your call, but I have a record on my phone bill. Actually they stole my money very easy. Be careful.
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Jul 01, 2013  from Seekonk, Massachusetts
Staple personnel lie and their plans suck. I just got the phone with them after waiting 30 minutes and they told me the plan doesn't cover batteries. that funny, the sales rep told me it did.
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Feb 07, 2013 
Well, unfortunately there's a protection plan and an accidental plan. The accidental would cover physical damage, the protection plan does not.
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Oct 30, 2012 
i purchased a laptop 1 and a half years ago
bought 3 year warranty....no issues so far..would like to know what to do if i have a problem.....WHAT ABOUT ALL SOFTWARE PROGRAMS I HAVE PAID FOR AND INSTALLED, CAN THEY BE TRANSFERRED OR COMPENSATED FOR
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Aug 16, 2012 
I bought an hp desktop computer from staples a year and a half qgo. i also purchased the extended warranty . the motherboard had to be replaced 4 times . they told me after the third replacement i was entitled to my money back on a staples gift card or a computer of equal value. Long story short after months of figting with them they offered me 379.00 for my computer that i paid 899.00 for. So i pretty much got ***!
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Apr 22, 2012 
The warranty works well. I work at Staples and wouldn't sell it if it didn't. However, some of you people have unreal expectations. IF your product fails, simply call the number on the back of the pamplet they gave you. If you don't have it, then go to the store and GET A PAMPLET so you can. No where in that does it say that Staples will fix it.

As for replacements, you get what you PAY for it put on a card. If you, JOE, paid 110 for the chair, why in the heck would they give you a 400 Staples card back. The card doesn't have to be used for a chair. It can be used for anything. It's a business... not charity. It is good business though and the warranties are great to have.
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Jan 29, 2013  from Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico
I tottaly agree with CB I wlso work at staples and get a protection plan for every electronics I buy. It works :-)
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Mar 13, 2012 
:( I purchased an HP laptop with extended 3-yr special warranty. To date, less than 2 years since the original purchase the laptop has been back to the Staples store once because Micro-soft Student/Office would not load. The serviceman finally managed to get it to do so but made a comment about defective drivers. Since that time, the laptop has been back 4 times - 3 for hard drives that crashed - which were replaced and the last time for corrupted HDD - whatever that is. I took it back to the store after receiving it saying that I didn't remotely trust it . . . but the manager would not replace it as it was now working. It should have been replaced after the 3rd hard-drive crashed. Just waiting for it to crash again. The suggestion was made that I drop it or send it to computer heaven then bring it back. I can't - in all good conscience - deliberately destroy the laptop although I'd like to hurl it a long long ... way. Do not trust Staples written warranties . . . ask lots and lots of questions.

Ticked off in Illinois :(
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Jan 13, 2012 
Everyone wants to blame the warranty company when their product fails and they don't get the compensation they "feel" they deserve. You should have read the leaflet given at the store where it explains what the warranty will and won't do for you. It also says replacement won't exceed original purchase price. This means in english, if you buy an item on sale and it fails, you will get back what YOU paid for it, not what it was supposed to sell for before the close out. Don't get mad at the company because YOU were too cheap to pay full price for the item to begin with.
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Jan 09, 2012 
I have no problems with the Staples or assurant warranties. My Daughters laptop broke after 2 years. They couldn't get parts to fix it so they replaced it with a better model. They even read over the phone different models to choose from. Of course replacement fufills their obligation of the original warranty but that is in the original aggreement when you buy it. I am very pleased with their warranties.
Reply to Mike

Dec 17, 2011 
I paid for the extended warranty and just sent my computer off for repairs because it won't turn on anymore. They said it has major liquid damage. I think I would noticed a liquid spill on my laptop!!!! I have never spilled liquid on it. Something is definately fishy and they want me to pay almost $300.00 for the repairs. They are making up this liquid ***!! Or their own technician spilled the so called liquid on my laptop. I will stick to Costco next time!
Reply to Belinda

Nov 25, 2011 
The main problem is no one reads their the small little lines they are handed by and just accept the word of a store rep. to clear it all up when you buy a warranty from staples it is handled by a third party company that has warrantys with other big major stores such as best buy wal-mart etc. even do major appliances as well! the store u bought it from has no say on rather or not you recv. a replacement or not depending on your plan you have will determine what u get back in return such as printers under 149.99 gets staples cash card anything over 150 but under 650 is advance exchange ( no cash card is issued for this price at all) anything over 650 is repair only in home. i would suggest you all read and call the warranty company first before buying one to find out what really is covered! :)
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Sep 29, 2011 
I am putting together a class action lawsuit for the warranty rip-off. I am a class action attorney that has had a similar experience with a printer - replaced three times because the replacement failed within weeks of arriving. If you are interested in learning more about your options, feel free to contact me at jenniferhartesq@aol.com.
Reply to jennylevi

Dec 28, 2012 
Just to let you know that I was given all the information for my printer including the extended warranty for 2 years. It was registered. When I called because the printer would not print, it is possibly the printer head. Under the staples warranty anything that is considered "consumable" is not covered. So I was told that the printer head is included in the "consumable" part. I need to now purchase a printer head, see if that is the problem. If it works, I am out 30+ dollars and I paid 30 dollars for the warranty. I went further with my research. Kodak has had a problem with printer heads for a few years. It appears I have been scammed. I certainly hope you get the class action lawsuit on the road. A list of the exact items that are not repaired should be listed on the warranty...not a catch all word.
Reply to Carol

Sep 16, 2011 
I bought a laptop for 600 from Staples WITH A 3 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!. The hard drive already had to be replaced in less than 1 year. The second time the hard drive went they told me that it wasn't cost effective to fix the computer and offered me 300.00!!!!!!!!!! I stayed on the phone asking for a supervisor for 1 hour....they kept insiting that no one was there. I was ASSURED SOMEONE WOULD CALL ME BACK, NO ONE HAS YET!! STAPLES, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!
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Aug 08, 2011 
"I bought a $400 office chair closeout for $110"

"So I am getting $110. Can't buy a $400 chair with $110."

Reply to Joe Schmoe

Aug 06, 2011 
read the warranty info form handed to you with your reciept...it does just so happen to explain whats covered, whats not and the fact that once the unit is replace its a 1 time deal...problem isnt staples, its the consumer being ignorant
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Aug 06, 2011 
So a lot of you guys paid for the warranty, sent your laptop in to get fixed, but it was never even fixed...were you able to get your warranty refunded?
Reply to Selene

Jul 28, 2011 
I agree with all the above, I had a printer 13 months, that I paid 399 for, I purchased the warranty for 22% of the purchase price. They sent a replacement that lasted 6 months and now I am told that once they send a replacement it voids the warranty. So I paid 89.99 for a $400 product, then was replaced with another junk product and I am out over $500 with tax :cry :cry ...Oh Well this is complete Fraud, they should tell you, we will replace it once and then your warranty is expired when you are purchasing. Instead they train there team members into ripping off the consumer. I will be reporting them to the attorney generals office today along with the BBB, which will do nothing, but I will feel better :p STAY AWAY FROM STAPLES SCAM!!!!
Reply to Heather

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