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Staples reviews, Staples complaints, read Staples reviews, find Staples reviews, Staples scam reports
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  • 359 complaints
  • $116,450 claimed losses
  • $324 average
  • 32168 since Nov 15, 2007

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Main address: MA 1702
1-800-378-2753, ,
Staples reviews, Staples complaints, read Staples reviews, find Staples reviews, Staples scam reports
  • 359 complaints
  • $116,450 claimed losses
  • $324 average
Had an experience with Staples?
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  • Apr 13
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Positive Experience
  • 4

look everybody wants to make a statement when they have a problem, if course I get it but I gotta say how much better it is for once to be able who comment when a company should be recognized for exceptional servicr and integrity... in my 22 years of dealing with staples in NJ and throughout California my experienceswith the company, their stores, with on site resentatives have been absolutely... Read more

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  • Mar 30
  • Bensonhurst, New York
  • Staples Prepaid Card
  • 5

I called the 1800 number to staples today on March 30th, 2014 around 5 pm est from Brooklyn, NY. I was transferred over to the prepaid visa card center and spoke to a man on the phone who did not give his name and he was RUDE! I was going to ask for his name but before I even get to that he HUNG UP on me in the middle of my question and before I even got to clear up my situation or understand the... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Newmarket, Ontario
  • Customer Service
  • 1
  • 17

I went to staples an wanted to print out a document from my usb flash drive.there were to employees there helping two separate customers. So I was ok with waiting. It after waiting for over 10 mins just at the counter, one of the employees was finished with a customer and didnt even ask me if I needed any assistants? I couldnt believe it!! She just walked back to her seat and didnt even bother to... Read more

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  • Mar 20
  • Dishonest Customer Service
  • 1
  • 25

Asked to price match with Amazon. I provided the links to the product on and Live-chat rep agreed and asked me to go ahead and order and provide her the order number. I confirmed several times if the price match would be approved (the price difference was substantial). I proceeded to order and give her the order number. When I received the confirmation email it was a... Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Asus Laptop
  • 17

I purchased a high end Asus laptop at Staples and just over two weeks later marks began appearing on the screen, like when you touch a screen with your fingers except it wasn't going away. I was told that this happens sometimes and sometimes the marks will go away on their own. I fell severely ill and was in and out of treatment for over three weeks so I was unable to bring it back in. Then, the... Read more

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  • Mar 10
  • Brunswick, Maine
  • Complaints
  • 2
  • 28

The complaints made on this site are, a vast majority of the time, outrageously unreasonable and downright invalid. I would like to address, in particular, the complaints about EasyTech and more particularly PC Repair Services. Some of the most common posts I see are essentially accusing ET of either misleading them, overcharging them, or generally being uninformed. First off, every day I am... Read more

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  • Mar 01
  • Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • Merchandise Check
  • 5
  • 50

Have been going to the Staples next door to us for 15 or so years always using a company check. Today, the computer told the clerk they needed additional ID so I gave them my license and the clerk appeared to punch it into the register which then prompted her to call somewhere. For nearly ten minutes she read the routing number, the check number, company name etc. Finally, she hung up and said... Read more

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  • Mar 01
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Discount Problem
  • 2
  • 48

I am a regular client of staples and my companies purchase a great deal of goods from them on a regular basis. Last month I bought four copies of a software in-store. Two days later they were on sale with a significant discount. So I asked them for a refund and tried to repurchase them at the lower price. The manager said that if everyone did that then Staples would be out of business. Personally... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Customer Service Representative
  • 1
  • 23

Haseeb A. from Staples Live Chat was absolutely the worst customer service representative I've ever dealt with. I'm not sure if it was his first day on the job or if Staples is a foreign company to him but he didn't know a thing about returns or arranging product deliveries. I spent over 20 minutes looking things up on Google and teaching him. What an incredible waste of time. He's also an... Read more

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  • Feb 15
  • Oshawa, Ontario
  • Acer Laptop
  • 30

I purchased an Acer laptop about a year ago. I went to use it one day and found that the monitor was not working it had a line on it. I took the laptop back to Staples who said that I had to send it to Acer for the first year, the second year Staples would fix it. I sent it to Acer and they wanted $250.00 to fix it as it was my fault and I did not get the accidental insurance. I did not know... Read more

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